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At Milliken, we believe a diverse and inclusive supplier program benefits all stakeholders. We encourage diversity and inclusion when making supplier selections.  Milliken awards business to the best supplier based on integrity, value, quality, risk, sustainability, and price.

Recognized supplier diversity categories are further described here. To be designated as a diverse supplier, a supplier can self-certify by completing the certification form. Once submitted it will be reviewed by our internal team and entered into our database.  If selected to participate in a bid event, a Milliken Sourcing professional may reach out for additional information. Milliken annually audits aspects of our Supplier Diversity Policy Statement. Providing a supplier diversity certification does not guarantee business nor does it assure companies as a preferred supplier status. Milliken suppliers must meet all other Milliken requirements, including accepting our Supplier Code of Conduct.  


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Supplier Diversity is core to our values at Milliken and these engagements continue to bring innovation, flexibility, and sustainability into our everyday buying practices. We will continue to utilize these building blocks to develop our supply base through education and networking opportunities. - Michael Brown, EVP of Operations

Milliken Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

To provide courteous, professional treatment and equal opportunity for all current and potential suppliers.

To develop and maintain long-term business partnerships that allow us to meet our quality and service standards at competitive costs.

To encourage use of our defined diversity categories to bid on any of our company’s requirements.


 Join Our Supplier Mentorship Program

  • Created to help suppliers bridge the gap to growth
  • Includes educational opportunities
  • Benefits of participating:
    • ­Free education
    • ­Networking
    • ­Participants in the program will receive advance notice when bid opportunities become available.

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Embark Business Solutions, LLC was awarded the Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program Award for 2022.

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Our first annual Supplier Recognition Luncheon was held on November 15, 2022. Four awards were presented during this event to Grainger, Picanol, Lift One, and Embark Business Solutions, LLC. Congratulations to our winners!

2023 Events 
Date Event Location Description Link

December 12

Milliken Mentorship Program Event Spartanburg, SC

RFP Training

(9 AM - 11 AM EST)