Landfill Diversion


Keeping unnecessary waste out of landfill is a key part of Milliken’s environmental commitment. The Milliken Carpet Take Back program provides a non-landfill disposal solution and ensures that used carpet is recovered and managed in the most environmentally, socially and financially responsible way.

Wherever possible carpet is re-used to capture its full value. In 2008 Milliken became a founder member of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK). We now work with CRUK partners and other organisations across Europe to refurbish returned carpet tiles for use in voluntary sector organisations, small businesses and schools. In other cases, carpet is downcycled into construction products and plastic composites. Another option, to further reduce global fossil fuel consumption, is to convert the carpet into a fuel source for use in other industries.

Find out more about Carpet Recycling UK here


Determining the most responsible route for disposal of used carpet can be a complex undertaking.

There are often many considerations before choosing the best solution:

  • Carpet condition
  • Face fibre
  • Backing type
  • Logistics
  • Economics

Milliken simplifies the carpet reclamation process and can help guide you through the decision points.