Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)


Engineered to Perform

Milliken’s Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) not only complies with the CE safety certifications for fire, static and slip, it also meets Class 33 certification for heavy commercial use. The FlexForm™ construction of our First Call and Change Agent collections means they are easy to cut and install and the glass layer makes the product dimensionally stable, preventing it from tenting or gapping. Another performance enhancement for these collections, is the addition of ProGuard MAX™, a urethane coating that offers protection against scuffing and scratching.

Well-being and Acoustics

Unwanted noise in the workplace is a significant contributor to stress, fatigue, illness and absenteeism.

Sound is one of the 10 Concepts in the WELL Building Standard (WELL v2). A study by Cornell University* indicated that workers in open-office environments exhibited increased levels of stress hormones, which made it more likely for them to become less motivated and less creative. In fact, data shows that productivity can go down by as much as 66%**. The right floor covering choice, for the appropriate area can create an environment where sound levels are more comfortable, boost concentration, memory and focus and increase morale and productivity.

*Evans, G.W. & Johnson, D. (2000). Stress and open-office noise. Journal of Psychology, 85 (5), 779-783

**The 4 ways sound affects us, Julian Treasure, Talk at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009

The Acoustic Benefits of Flexform Sound™ LVT

For improved acoustic performance our FlexForm Sound™ construction (as featured in our First Call LVT collection) incorporates a compact cushion layer to reduce impact sound. This innovative layer can reduce impact sound by up to 17dB (compared to <5dB for standard LVT).

FlexForm Sound™ LVT provides an improved impact acoustic performance (≥17db) while not sacrificing its indentation performance (<0.1mm).

acoustic benefits - flexform chart


acoustic benefits - flexform brochure

In a workplace with multiple floors, installing a floor covering that reduces impact sound, can dramatically reduce the intensity of sound on the floor below from both impact noise (eg walking) and background noise (eg telephones, conversations or office equipment.)

acoustic benefits - diagram

The Safety Benefits of FlexForm Sound™ LVT - Slip and Fall Protection

LVT Slip and Safety Guide

When specifying Luxury Vinyl Tiles, it’s important that the LVT doesn’t just offer the desired aesthetic but is also engineered to meet stringent safety standards.

The majority of non-fatal injuries at work are caused by slips, trips or falls on the same level*, therefore safety considerations should be part of the specification process and the appropriate flooring selected for its intended environment.

Milliken's LVT complies with:

  • Class 33 certification for heavy commercial use
  • CE safety certifcations for fire, static and slip

Our LVT collections are rigorously tested using the following methods:

  • CE mark co-efficient of friction test – EN 13893
  • Ramp Test – DIN 51130
  • Pendulum Test – BS 7976

The better the slip resistance, the lower the risk of accident which gives you and your clients peace of mind.

All Milliken LVT products have DS class for CE mark, R10 class for ramp test as a minimum, and low (≥36) to moderate (≥25) ratings for wet pendulum test.

safety - slip-results

Key: probability of slip classification BS 7976

safety results


Selecting the Correct Flooring for Different Environments

Milliken’s LVT offers the best slip rating required for commercial use. Whether you are looking for natural wood flooring, stone or polished concrete effect; our slip resistant LVT collections are perfect for the following environments:

  • Office / Break & Kitchen Areas
  • Schools / Student Accomodation (Dorms)
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Retail Enviroments
  • Public buildings
  • Gyms
  • Entrance lobbies (in conjunction with appropriate protective flooring to remove moisture)

Note: specialist flooring is needed for the following applications; where a safety floor is specified, wet rooms and professional kitchens.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Construction

  1. ProGuard MAX™ - Urethane Coating - Provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance, eliminates the need for wax, polishes and harsh chemicals - reduced maintenance costs and improved IAQ.
  2. Transparent wear layer - 0.55 mm embossed, hard-wearing layer, provides long lasting appearance retention in heavy commercial traffic environments.
  3. Printed layer - This layer utilises high definition print film for stunning, eye-perfect, authentic visuals.
  4. Core Layer - High performance, non rigid layer, that provides extra stability and durability.
  5. FlexForm™ Sound Compact Cushion Layer - provides enhanced acoustic properties, reducing impact sound by at least 17dB.
  6. Glass fibre layer - Minimises expansion and contraction under extreme temperatures.
  7. Backing layer - High vinyl content backing layer provides robust foundation and impact resistance.
  8. Non-skid backing - Allows adhesive free installation and replacement.

* The diagram relates only to Milliken’s Change Agent and First Call LVT collections. The Original Collection, does not feature the FlexForm™ Sound compact cushion layer.

Loose Lay Format

Milliken Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is offered in a loose lay format offering clients several important benefits:

1. Benefits During Installation

With the need for adhesives eliminated, floor preparation is simplified and cost and time reduced. Not only is installation time reduced by up to 30%, disruption, dust, noise and odours are also reduced and installation can even take place during working hours, reducing downtime and cost. Furthermore because the product can be installed directly on top of many existing hard floor surfaces, without adhesive, the state of the original floor is protected. The product can also be installed directly on top of many existing hard floor surfaces, this eliminates the need to purchase an expensive and costly underlay. Additionally, due to design elements, Milliken flooring is hardwearing and protects the state of the original floor underneath.

2. Benefits During Service

Whilst Milliken’s FlexForm™ construction ensures the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) remains stable on the floor during use, uplift of individual planks is easy. This means that underfloor access is simple, as is repair, replacement or reinstall to allow potential space reconfigurations. In the event of any kind of flood or similar situation, planks can be uplifted to allow the sub floor to dry before being easily replaced.

3. End of Life Benefits

With no need to strip away old adhesive or repair the subfloor, end of life removal cost and time is reduced. In addition, without contamination from adhesive or other sub floor materials, recycling is easier.



What Is LVT Flooring?

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile and is flooring that is usually designed to look like real wood or stone but is much more practical in terms of benefits. LVT flooring can come in any shape or size but often comes in planks or tiles as it is engineered to look real and authentic, replicating the look of real materials without the installation expenses and maintenance drawbacks.

How Is LVT Flooring Made?

LVT is made of a series of thin layers that are fused together under high pressure and hot temperature in a pressing machine to produce a quality, consistent finish that is waterproof.

How Does LVT Compare With Laminate?

There are several differences when comparing LVT and Laminate flooring. They are often made with different materials. The core of laminate flooring is wood byproducts and resin while LVT can consist of up to 8 layers of various durable materials. Laminate flooring is a floating floor system and is not glued down, while LVT offers loose lay, click-down and glue-down options.

Why Are LVT Floors So Thin?

LVT flooring is usually between 2mm and 6mm thick and built up of several different layers of varying thickness. These thin layers each contribute a different benefit, including durability, strength as well as acoustic properties. LVT floors are thin because they are densely packed with several thin layers, making them extremely durable and long-lasting.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing LVT Flooring?

LVT is durable and can tolerate conditions that some natural materials can't. The built-in protective layer offers incredible, long-lasting protection against damage such as scuffs or scratches. It's easy to install and relatively simple to maintain.

How Do You Clean LVT Flooring?

Milliken Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is engineered for commercial use. It is simple to maintain and provides excellent stain and abrasion resistance, eliminates the need for wax, polishes and harsh chemicals.

Does LVT Flooring Need Underlay?

Milliken Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has a multi-layered design, these layers aid stability, impact resistance, enhanced acoustic properties and more, this means that you can reap all the benefits of an underlay without the need to purchase one.