We specialise in providing premium flooring solutions for a range of venues across the hospitality sector. From commercial carpet tiles for restaurants to conference room carpets, at Milliken, our exquisite flooring collections boast LVT or modular carpet fittings that offer high performance in commercial areas and contemporary design in mind.

Whether you are searching for hotel carpets, restaurant carpets, or even carpet tiles for casinos we have a solution for you. Milliken offers quick ship or custom floor coverings for the following facilities: 


  • Reception Areas
  • Corridors
  • Dining Rooms And Bars
  • Guest Rooms
  • Eating And Drinking Areas
  • Conference & Banqueting Areas

  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Casinos
  • Bars And Clubs
  • Gymnasiums And Spas

With decades of experience servicing the global hospitality market, we have provided floor covering solutions for some of the most demanding hotels, hospitality areas and leisure environments. We have worked with many of the world’s largest hotel chains, such as Hilton, Holiday Inn and Marriott. We are also equally experienced in servicing the needs of small, boutique and country house hotels, spas, restaurants and bars where making an individual design statement, perhaps communicating a lifestyle of a certain region or neighbourhood is key to creating a unique and memorable guest experience.


Milliken understands that a hotelier’s primary objective is to encourage guests to linger, extend their dwell time and so increase hotel revenue. Many things contribute to the guest experience and good design, pattern and structure are high on the list. 

Creating the right look and atmosphere is essential to creating an environment where guests can feel good, be relaxed and stress free. Floor covering is key.

Milliken offers a full range of floor covering solutions and can provide clients with a convenient ‘one stop shop’. In addition to a vast portfolio of quality carpet tile collections, we also offer a coordinated range of high-performance Luxury Vinyl Tiles  as well as innovative Entrance Flooring Solutions. Our carpet collections include standard and custom modular carpet solutions for a range of hospitality public areas, guest rooms and conference and banqueting facilities. In addition, our flexible bespoke design service allows for fast and easy customisation.

And with our Comfort Plus®cushion backing, hospitality clients are assured of a premium, high performing, long-lasting and sustainable floor covering with luxurious underfoot comfort.


Floor covering has an immediate impact in any interior and in a hospitality environment, it has a very important role in communicating the hotel brand message and differentiating it from its competitors. Milliken offers a broad portfolio of tile and plank designs in multiple construction options to meet any design, performance and budget requirement.

Our flooring collections such as Nordic Stories, Tracing Landscapes, Arctic Survey and Per Contra offer small scale, organic and highly textured aesthetics.

tracing landscapes-arctic survey
Artistic Liberties - Comfortable Concrete 2.0

Collections such as Fractals and Poise can be beneficial in helping to evoke a sense of well-being. We use biophilic design principles to embrace nature and use our colours, patterns and textures to bring the outside in – a concept scientifically proven to add to traveller comfort and calm.

Poise and Fractals

Colours range from contemporary, muted and neutral to vivid, saturated and bright. Constructions range from luxurious, plush and highly textural for front of house and public areas to high performance and high value loop pile options for back of house areas.

Whatever your hospitality floor covering need, Milliken can offer a carpet solution to support your brand and help secure guest loyalty.

Our LVT collection offers supreme flexibility to coordinate with Milliken carpet designs to create a cohesive floor covering aesthetic. Constructed to the most stringent performance standards, designs range from authentic wood and stone effects to more abstract and statement looks.

Heritage Wood - Polished Concrete - LVT

Custom Design Service


For interiors where making a design statement, creating impact, communicating a brand message or designing a totally unique look is important, Milliken offers a custom design service. Using our patented Millitron® digital colour placement patterning technology, modifying or tweaking one of our existing patterns or creating a bespoke design is quick and easy, whether you are looking for luxury hotel carpet or flooring for conferences. Just share your inspiration and designers will interpret your ideas.


Visualisation Services


Before committing to your floor covering choice, our 2D and 3D visualisation services enable you to quickly and easily see your chosen design within a hospitality environment.


Creating a comfortable interior that evokes a sense of well-being is key to creating a memorable guest experience. Milliken carpet with cushion backing offers tangible health and well-being benefits.

Quiet And Relaxing


Much emphasis is placed on the need to reduce unwanted noise in hospitality interiors. The sound absorption provided by Milliken Comfort Plus cushion backing , along with our high-performance fibre reduces noise reverberation time and therefore softens echo. Milliken Comfort Plus cushion backing is particularly beneficial in reducing the nuisance of impact sound, such as the sound of passing footsteps down a hotel corridor.

Fractals - Comfortable Concrete 2.0

Indoor Air Quality


Good, clean air quality is important to the guest experience and carpet can have a positive effect on improving indoor air quality. Gravity causes dust particles to fall to the floor and collect in the carpet fibre, reducing the circulation of dust in the air we breathe.


Hospitality environments such as hotels or casinos demand a floor covering that will not only look good on day one but will be durable enough to withstand guest wear and tear whilst at the same time simplifying maintenance.

Long Term Beautiful Appearance, Comfort And Safety


Milliken carpet is engineered to the highest levels of specification. Selection of raw materials, robust design, development and manufacturing processes ensure superior quality, comfort, aesthetics and durability. Our Comfort Plus cushion backing ensures guest comfort and safety as well as protecting the carpet face from wear and can significantly extend the its life.

Poise and Fine Detail


Flexible Modular Format


Milliken carpet is supplied in modular tile format. This offers many benefits over traditional broadloom carpet. Modular carpet creates less installation waste than broadloom carpet, as well as being quicker and easier to handle and install. This in turn reduces disruption and the possibility of hotel downtime. Maintenance is easier as is dealing with spills and damaged areas. With tiles, replacement of soiled, stained or damaged areas is fast and easy as one tile is simply picked up and another quickly swapped in.

Clerkenwell EC1 - Facet

Fast And Easy Installation


Milliken carpet tiles can be supplied with TractionBack®, a remarkable high friction coating which prevents lateral movement of the carpet on the floor and so allows the carpet to be installed faster and without the need adhesives.  In a fast moving, public facing hospitality environment, this offers many benefits such as phased installation as well as faster and cleaner installation – eliminating the need for adhesives, means a faster installation process and Indoor Air Quality is improved as potential odours associated with adhesives are eliminated.

Colour Compositions



Protecting the carpet throughout its life, specifically ensuring its ability to resist staining and dirt is vital to Milliken. Not only do most Milliken carpets use fibre with inherent stain resistance properties, proprietary finishes are also built in to ensure its durability and long-term appearance retention.  Many of our collections are protected with StainSmart®, a proprietary treatment applied to our modular carpet to provide stain repel, stain resist and soil release properties. 

Nordic Stories