TractionBack 2.0 is a proprietary high-friction coating applied to the back of Milliken carpet tiles during manufacture. It is engineered to secure the carpet to the floor without the use of wet adhesives. This means it is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) making it a much cleaner, healthier, and safer method of modular carpet installation that positively considers the well-being of both the installer and the building’s occupants.

TractionBack 2.0 is engineered to secure the carpet to the floor and prevent lateral movement but can also be easily lifted and replaced when required.


1. Impact on the Planet is Minimised

By consuming minimal raw materials and eliminating potentially harmful VOCs from adhesives, TractionBack 2.0 drives down the environmental impact of the carpet:

  • Pre-installation adhesives are eliminated
  • No wasteful adhesives or adhesive containers
  • No sticky tabs or packaging
  • No harmful VOCs

    In addition, this clean installation method is ideally suited for recycling or reuse of the tile without adhesive contamination.

    2. Helps Achieve a Circular Economy by Assisting in Recycling and Reuse

    A completely clean method of carpet installation, TractionBack 2.0 carpet tiles do not become contaminated with adhesives or particles of subfloor which can hamper their recyclability.

    3. Installation is Cleaner and Healthier

    Wet adhesives and floor sealants are largely eliminated, removing mess, and on-site drying. TractionBack 2.0 provides an odourless, non-toxic and VOC-free alternative.

  • For the installer, this makes the installation process cleaner sand healthier
  • For the building’s occupants, there is no compromise to air quality
  • By eliminating VOCs, TractionBack 2.0 can help achieve the WELL certification goal for clean indoor air

    4. Installation is Faster and Downtime is Reduced

    TractionBack 2.0 is applied to the carpet backing during manufacture meaning the carpet tiles are ready to install straight out of the box:

  • No subfloor treatment, adhesives, or sticky tabs
  • Installation is quicker and downtime / disruption is minimised

    5. Offers Greater Flexibility for Phased Installations

    TractionBack 2.0 allows greater flexibility for project managing carpet installations. Installation can be scheduled around a client’s on-site day to day business requirements.

    6. Ease of Maintenance

    TractionBack 2.0 carpet tiles can be easily lifted and replaced without leaving a residue on the floor. Access to the subfloor is quick and tiles can be uplifted multiple times without loss of grip.

    7. Sub-floors are Protected

    TractionBack 2.0 causes no damage to the subfloor. When the tiles are lifted there is no residue on the floor and simple buffing will return the floor to its original condition.

    8. TractionBack 2.0 Saves Time and Money

  • No need to purchase additional installation materials
  • Other than the tile boxes, no packaging to dispose of
  • Labour savings on floor preparation and carpet installation