Milliken 360 Full-Spectrum Client Solutions

Milliken’s service commitment begins with the first enquiry and continues throughout the life of the carpet. We understand that carpet is a significant purchase and we offer a package of client support services designed to make the process as simple, efficient and cost effective as possible.

The New Office

The global workplace is ever evolving, and the demands being placed on employers and employees are becoming increasingly complex. This in turn brings a new set of floor covering challenges. Today’s workplace must be versatile and able to swiftly adapt to changing work patterns as collaborative working becomes ever more important, with teams and projects constantly transitioning.

Inspiring Environments

The workspace must reflect a company’s values and culture and it must offer an inspiring and fulfilling environment where employees can thrive and be their most productive. An inviting and dynamic workplace will help companies to attract and retain the best talent.

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Well-being and Productivity

With employee well-being now high on the corporate agenda, the workplace must not only look good but feel good. A well-designed office can significantly contribute to employee well-being and improve productivity. Milliken carpet with cushion backing can offer tangible ergonomic and acoustic benefits and make a positive contribution to workforce well-being.

Performance and Sustainability

Carpet can be a significant investment and companies must consider not only short-term appearance but also the long-term durability of the materials as well as their environmental impact.

Milliken’s manufacturing processes are globally benchmarked for operational excellence and along with utilization of the highest quality of raw materials and robust design, Corporate clients can be assured that Milliken products will always offer superior quality, durability and appearance retention.


Total Floor Covering Solutions

At Milliken, we’ve developed a range of carpet tile, LVT and protective flooring solutions to meet a wide range of price, performance and lead time briefs, offering a package of product and service solutions for corporate office environments. Our floor covering portfolio includes thousands of designs and colour options for open-plan offices, meeting rooms, breakout areas, dining and relaxation areas.

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Regular Maintenance and Deep Cleaning Support

An effective maintenance programme not only improves workplace comfort and well-being, it can also extend a carpet’s life by up to 30%. It can also contribute to LEED and Well Building Standard certification. Milliken works with Corporate clients to develop a programme of daily and periodic maintenance that will meet the needs of their particular facility and its occupants.

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