Featured Collection Stories

Featured Collection - Tracing Landscapes


A favourite collection reinterpreted. A beautiful colour evolution. Workspaces have transformed, softened, and become more flexible. Tracing Landscapes connects references from nature to offer a more relaxed colour palette featuring warm neutrals, natural pastels in peach and mint, as well as earthy browns and calming contemporary greens.

Featured Collection - Northern Soul


Up-tempo, fast paced and funky, a collection influenced by the music and dance movement of the 70s. Bold typographic elements combine with intricate patterns inspired by musical rhythms, lighting effects and the distinctive fashion of the day, to celebrate the spirit of Northern Soul.

Featured Collection - Sculptured Forms


Combining dimension and pattern with a simplicity of colour, Sculptured Forms brings the unexpected to the floor plane. Complex patterns and rich texture collide to reinterpret structure and form. Geometry and intricate linework mingle with soft organic forms to offer a balanced and architectural elegance that will enhance any interior.

Featured Collection - Down to Earth


Contrasting yet harmonious colours and intricately layered patterns engage our senses. Earthy hues range from muted to vivid to create a sense of calm and tranquility just when we need it most. Well-being, comfort and beauty combine to offer a refuge from the wider world and the perfect place to thrive and flourish.

Featured Collection - Continuation


Continuation Woven Design Tile continues Milliken’s exploration of the floor plane. Complementing our modular carpet and LVT collections, Continuation uses state-of-the-art jacquard weaving technology to combine Milliken’s design point of view with outstanding performance to create a truly innovative woven vinyl floor covering.

Featured Collection - Comfortable Concrete Retold


Embrace the raw, urban vibe of the concrete jungle. Let the energy of the street guide your design. Create moods, mix bold and strong with calm and understated. Choose neutral shades and create depth and interest by blending from light to dark.

Featured Collection - Facet


Fine lines cut through blank spaces with pin point accuracy to create exquisite faceted reflections. Beautiful geometric structures emerge with fascinating symmetry and brilliant precision.

Featured Collection - Modern Movement


Clean, simple lines form contemporary patterns and criss cross the open floor plane with a refined confidence. Architectural precision integrates with the beauty of nature, to bring the outside in and yield unexpected effects. Streamlined aesthetics, combined with luxury and rich dimensional texture, are at the heart of this collection.

Featured Collection - Lightbox


Fascinating forms illuminate as they emerge from the shadows and move across the surface, changing colour and switching direction as they catch the light. Solid colours give way to translucency as patterns deconstruct and simple lines and clean angles merge to become complex and multilayered.

Featured Collection - Poise Retold


Simple shapes and natural tones combine to enhance our inner strength and sense of well-being. An ability to mindfully appreciate the space around us is intensified. Individual senses are awakened and the sounds, smells and beauty of the environment can be revisited and embraced with a renewed vigour.

Featured Collection - Northward Bound


As brave adventurers head north towards the polar ice cap, their endurance is tested to the full. For the successful though, the rewards are rich. Fairy-tale snow covered landscapes with rich, textural glacial layers that seem to stretch for ever are punctuated only by dramatic calved icebergs.

Featured Collection - Wireframe


The starting point for any design layout, outlining the purpose and directing the structure. A study of simple yet precise line art continually reinterpreted. Tone on tone colour combinations tantalise to create dimension and movement. Experimentation assures individuality.

Featured Collection - Major Frequency


Major Frequency, a collection rooted in the realisation of the power of sound. Through two organic patterns, Distortion and Vibration, and six unhindered colour options, Major Frequency explores the possibilities that exist within raw and unencumbered cymatics.