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"Milliken's Operational Success Means That Our Facilities Are Now Benchmarked By 1000s Of Companies Worldwide"



The way products are manufactured also has a significant impact on their environmental footprint. Milliken’s production processes go beyond regulatory compliance. We are continually focused on the reduction of all forms of emissions waste and pollution.

Milliken’s European carpet production facility is located in Wigan, in the north west of England. The Wigan plant operates using the following principles of environmental efficiency:

ISO14001 - the highest standard for efficient and environmentally responsible manufacture

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ISO50001 - Energy Management

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BES6002 - Ethical Labour

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ISO9001 - the highest standard for quality

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ISO14006 - design for environment guidance, ensuring that the best practice of ISO14001 & ISO9001 is considered at the design stage


LEAN - manufacturing principles for efficiency


Reducing Milliken’s resource consumption is a vital component in our sustainability journey. We purchase electricity from renewable sources and recycle production waste. Wherever practical, raw materials are sourced locally, from ethically and environmentally approved suppliers. These efficiencies are reflected in our BRE ratings which show the continued reduction in environmental impact.

Over the past 10 years:

  • Gas Consumption: 61% reduction/m2
  • Water Consumption: 36% reduction/m2
  • Electricity Consumption: 40% reduction/m2
  • Local Manufacture - Over 95% of Milliken's carpet products supplied to the European market are manufactured in the UK, for minimum transport.

Milliken’s operational success means that our facilities are now benchmarked by 1000s of companies worldwide.