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M/PACT - carbon neutral programme


Our flooring products are carbon neutral everywhere in the world. Today.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity, and we are all responsible. At Milliken Floor Covering, we’re committed to finding ways to make a difference. We invite you to learn more about the significant changes we’ve made, then let’s work together for a better tomorrow.

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Do you see what we see?

Our climate is changing. Oceans are polluted. Resources are being depleted. We are all responsible.

It takes humans to protect humanity.

At Milliken Floor Covering, we feel the urgency to take action. That’s why we launched the M/PACT™ carbon neutral programme. Today, our carpet, LVT and entrance flooring tiles are carbon neutral everywhere in the world. The fight against climate change must be a priority for all of us. We will continue to invest in new technology and create flooring products that enable you to make better choices.


M/PACT Carbon Neutral Programme

A holistically designed approach.

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We are investing in innovative technologies to enable us to use fewer resources and less energy.

In fact, we are accelerating our investments in renewable energy. Today we invest through renewable energy credits, verified carbon offsets, and are beginning to invest in Milliken owned renewable energy projects.

We have also invested in new, more efficient manufacturing technologies and in local supply chains for materials in each of our facilities. These investments allow us to continue our focus on reducing carbon in our products. We believe this is essential today in improving planetary health and protecting people.

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Climate change directly impacts human health and wellness. Pollution. Natural disasters. Droughts. As a founding member of the Well Living Lab and a Well Portfolio Member, we aspire to design products that enhance well-being and quality of life of indoor spaces. We believe carbon neutral products are one important way designers can create healthy interiors that benefit both the people in buildings and human health as a whole.

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Humans are using more resources than the earth can produce each year. We continue to focus on increasing recycled materials in our products to support the advancement of a circular economy - one that uses less raw materials and creates less waste.

  • We have introduced recycled content in all parts of our carpet products. We challenge ourselves and our supply chains to extend innovation in new technologies for dematerialisation.
  • By using new technologies, our D/LUX series of products use less raw material which reduces embodied carbon.
View Northward Bound Collection View Our Econyl 100% Regenerated Yarn Collections
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Where possible we develop products with high recycled content to reduce the carbon footprint and consumption of virgin oil-based materials. We feature recycled content in as many layers of the carpet tile as possible. Recycled cushion backing enables reduced consumption of oil-based materials and extends product life.

To ensure circularity and optimum end-of-life recycling we aim to eliminate harmful chemicals. Our products have 100% transparency in materials to 100 ppm. This level of materials transparency and a continued focus on improving material health is core to our commitment to reduce climate change. Our carpet, LVT and entrance flooring tiles are all recyclable.

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We aspire to leverage our global manufacturing and local supply chains to minimise carbon emissions. This includes sourcing materials locally when possible and manufacturing near customers to reduce shipping distances.

In fact, we manufacture locally for local markets in Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. More efficient manufacturing and distribution not only reduces our global carbon footprint, it also has a direct positive impact on the communities we call home. As a global manufacturing company, we set 2025 goals that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our European manufacturing sites use 100% certified renewable electricity and are certified to ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard to provide a framework to continually drive down our carbon footprint – a first for the industry.

Manufacturing Certifications 'Meet the Makers'



We’ve developed beautiful, high-performance carpet that’s better for the planet. The D/LUX Series uses less raw material which reduces embodied carbon. Now you can create luxurious spaces while making a positive M/PACT on the world.


Milliken has a legacy of acting to positively impact our planet.

Roger Milliken understood the importance of planting what he called “noble trees.” He said, “You plant a noble tree for the next generation, for the future…”

That’s why, at the heart of Milliken, you will find the passion and drive to make our planet cleaner, safer and healthier for future generations.

Milliken Sustainability History - 1900-1920

Began investing in renewable energy through Milliken’s first hydroelectric plant.

Milliken Sustainability History - 1997

Milliken becomes the first textile plant to achieve ISO14001 environmental system.

Milliken Sustainability History - 2005

TractionBack® adhesive free installation introduced.

Milliken Sustainability History - 2001

Milliken launches first collection using Econyl 100% regenerated nylon.

Milliken Sustainability History - 2017-2018

Milliken becomes founding member of the Well Living Lab to redefine health and wellness in the built environment.

3rd Party Certified Red List Free Carpet.
Milliken Sustainability History - 2018

Milliken global headquarters doubles its solar capacity through environmental upgrades.

Milliken Sustainability History - 2019-2020

Milliken receives ISO50001 Energy Management system Certification to drive down carbon footprint and BES 6002 Ethical Labour sourcing standard for assurance throughout the supply chain.

Milliken Sustainability History - 2021

It’s not enough to change company policies and processes. We believe individual participation can have a deep and lasting effect on the nature and values of Milliken. Our volunteers participate in community projects to help social enterprise, local wildlife preservation and charity initiatives.

Milliken Sustainability History - Future

Milliken is investing in new technology to enable our collective future. By supporting organisations like PureCycle Technologies or acquiring brands like Zebra-Chem, we hope to advance towards a truly circular economy with innovative capabilities that make incorporating recycled content in new products more seamless.

We've made a corporate commitment.

As a global company, we set 2025 goals that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These 2025 goals are a benchmark for us to achieve more, faster. We report on our progress towards these goals each year and push ourselves to meet our targets on Planet, Product, and People. As we look beyond 2025, we promise to do more, and continue to collaborate with others to slow climate change.

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Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Reduce indexed greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent.

2022 Corporate Sustainability Report Worlds Most Ethical Companies List for 17 years
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Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Increase renewable energy use to 100,000 MWh per year.

2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Worlds Most Ethical Companies List for 15 years
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Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Reduce indexed solid waste by 25 percent.

2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Worlds Most Ethical Companies List for 15 years
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Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Achieve zero waste to landfill in our manufacturing.

2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Worlds Most Ethical Companies List for 15 years
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Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Reduce indexed water usage by 25 percent.

2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Worlds Most Ethical Companies List for 15 years
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Our pathway to carbon neutral products.

We’ve achieved an important milestone. Today, our flooring products are all carbon neutral everywhere in the world. Learn more about where we’ve been and where we are going.

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Milliken Floor Covering has taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint –from how we source raw materials to recycling initiatives to improving manufacturing and transportation efficiencies.

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When you choose M/PACT products, you can be sure your choice is carbon neutral. M/PACT™ carbon neutral products offset the full cradle-to-gate carbon footprint including raw materials and manufacturing.* We do this by using 3rd party Verified Carbon Standard Credits that support renewable energy and carbon reduction technologies to help fight climate change.

View Third-Party Environmental Product Verifications

*as calculated and verified through a ISO14025/ISO14040 compliant LCA and published in third party EPD.

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This is a continuous journey. The M/PACT™ programme is long-term, because the fight to stop climate change will be a long one. Milliken will continue to innovate with product design, invest in new technology and accelerate our shift to renewable energy. We will join with our partners around the world to search for solutions, as we strive to protect our planet and its inhabitants. We encourage you to specify our carbon neutral products for all of your projects to ensure the climate change journey continues. Together, we can make a positive M/PACT™ on the world for generations.