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Milliken & Company is a key partner and trusted manufacturer of high-performance technical textiles to the United States Military, European defense and police personnel, and other organizations around the world. Our responsibility as a military uniform supplier makes our primary mission clear: To develop and engineer protection for the warfighters, police, and security personnel who wear our products daily.

Many of our military technologies are patented and proprietary to Milliken — increasing protection levels while also providing enhanced comfort, moisture management, and wearability. We have a long history working with the Pentagon, police forces, state, local, and federal agencies, and we know how to handle complex procurement processes, including GSA.

For your military and defense textile needs, Milliken should be your first stop.

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80+ Years of Experience

Milliken has been supplying military textiles to U.S. Forces going back to World War II. We have a long history of developing innovative fabrics for American armed forces.

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A Myriad of Choices

We offer more than 700 military and defense textiles. Combat, FR, baselayer, cold weather, and hot — Milliken makes fabrics to handle virtually any situation in any environment.

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Manufacturing Control

From fiber to yarn to finishing, every aspect of the manufacturing process is under direct Milliken control. Consistent quality and reliable performance are the assured result.

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Our team of experts, led by veteran and reserve personnel, understand real-world challenges first-hand. Their knowledge is an integral part of the development process for each of our military and police textiles.

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Layered protection. Superior performance.

Our military-grade textiles are available in a myriad of options, which allows us to layer fabrics and build the perfect cold-weather solution for virtually any application. PolartecTM Power Dry,TM Power Grid,TM and High LoftTM fabrics provide base and insulation layers for weather from cold to frigid. As an outer layer, Milliken TactXTM comes in a variety of configurations — fiber options, multiple weights and finishes, and the flexibility to choose from plain weave, twill, shadowbox and ripstop constructions. The result? You get exactly what you want.

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Stay cool, comfortable, and protected.

Milliken military-grade fabrics deliver superior performance in high-temperature environments. Whether the challenge is desert heat or a situation requiring full FR protection, we have the solution. We are a leader in FR technology — our FR textiles actively suppress flame spread, allowing fi re to be quickly extinguished. We are also an industry leader in moisture management, with years of experience in the manufacturing of highly breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable. Our military-grade textiles seamlessly combine these attributes — the results speak for themselves.

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A trusted source for advanced camouflage.

MultiCam® is a combat-proven solution for concealment in widely varied and mixed terrain and has become a standard for military uniforms all over the world. Because of our wide-ranging portfolio of advanced fabrics, manufacturing expertise, and printing capabilities, Milliken has been selected as a licensed manufacturer of MultiCam camouflage patterns. So you can choose from a myriad of fabric types, weights, and configurations to suit your application — and finish them with MultiCam.

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European products, made in Europe.

Multiple Milliken products — including Power Dry® FR, Thermal Pro® FR, and TactX™ — are made in the EU. Manufacturing in Europe puts us closer to customers and decreases lead times. It also reduces the need for transAtlantic shipping. By selecting raw material suppliers near our European production facilities, we have decreased our overall CO2 emissions. Because we manufacture in the EU, our customers benefit, and so does the planet.


Milliken Conceal® employs multispectral technology to reduce heat signatures, improving protection from advanced electro-optic sensors. Tested in collaboration with U.S. Military partners, Conceal is next-gen signature management.

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Proven Performance

Milliken Sponsors a Trek to Everest

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From Mission Command to Milliken

Meet Tommy Young. An active officer in the U.S. Air Force for 13 years, he fl ew F-16s in more than 100 combat missions over Iraq and Libya. He supervised training for combat pilots in the 12th Operations group. He provided support to Air Force One and Air Force Two. Now he’s Milliken’s Business Development Director for Government and Defense. When we talk about experts in the field, we’re talking about people like Tommy. We rely on people of his caliber, with his expertise, and you can, too.

Super Bowl Halftime

The National Anthem

The work we do is all around you, sometimes in places you’d never think about. Like Super Bowl LVII. During the National Anthem, Milliken made a few appearances. The white hats (the military term is “lids” or “covers”) worn by the band are made with Milliken fabric. At 1:22, you see red, white, blue, green, yellow, and purple uniforms. The pants are Flight Deck Trousers, the iFRV Coveralls are made from Flight Deck Vest fabric — all Milliken textiles. Look around and you’ll probably see something else we make.

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Extreme-Cold Clothing Systems for our Soldiers

We often participate in user evaluations with branches of the US Military. Currently, soldiers stationed in Alaska use the legacy Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS), which doesn’t meet the requirements for Alaska’s unique weather. Working with the DEVCOM Natick Soldier Center to field Cold Temperature and Artic Protection Systems (CTAPS) to the 11th Airborne Division at Ft. Wainwright and Anchorage, AK, Milliken is helping to provide approximately 10,000 sets of Lightweight Insulated Layer (jacket) fabric (L3) and Extreme Cold Weather Parka/Trousers fabric. By collaborating with this unit and collecting soldier feedback, we can assist the Army in establishing its next-generation Cold Weather Clothing system requirements.


Let us walk you through our comprehensive catalog of military-grade Combat and Fire, Baselayer, and Cold Weather Fabrics.

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FR Uniform Fabrics

Milliken is a leader in high-performance, technologically advanced FR fabrics. Our FR technology actively suppresses flame spread and allows fire to be quickly extinguished. Believe it or not, we performed some experiments on the International Space Station. Our curiosity put us in orbit.

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Non-FR Combat Fabrics

Milliken TactX™ fabrics are colorfast, long-lasting, and comfortable. A durable base fabric for each of these colorfast fabrics, they deliver superior strength and abrasion resistance. Unparalleled printing and shade matching capabilities provide TactX uniforms with performance finishes for superior color and crispness.

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Dress Uniform Fabrics

When circumstances require formality, Bravo 42™ fabrics offer a crisp, clean look. Bravo 42 fabrics are easy to care for, and Milliken offers added finishes for stain resistance and to help keep colors brighter longer.

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Extreme Weather Fabrics

Polartec® military textiles protect against some of the toughest elements a warfighter can face — frozen temperatures, knee-deep snow, sleet, or everything at once. Polartec worked with U.S. Special Forces to develop an advanced breathable insulation technology that dries quickly, retains warmth, and circulates airflow. Polartec® Alpha® performed so well that it is now standard issue for the U.S. Special Forces.


Milliken also offers a series of advanced textiles to further enhance the technologies and protective capabilities found in our military fabrics.

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Milliken Tegris® provides superior protection against fragment, projectile, or blast threats at a lighter total weight than traditional thermoplastics and composites.

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The AgilusTM line includes two protective technologies — MTP and SP — designed to slow and resist knife penetration, spike, and ballistic threats.



Multispectral technology to reduce heat signatures and improve warfighter protection from advanced sensors. In collaboration with U.S. Military partners, Conceal® has been tested and optimized for combat environments..


Not Just Uniforms

With more than 700 options, Milliken military-grade textiles have uses that go well beyond uniforms. To name two: You’ll find our fabrics in tents and sleeping bags.


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