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We’ve been table linen manufacturers for more than 40 years. That’s one reason why Milliken Signature® is the most used table linen fabric in the United States. But restaurants and commercial laundries turn to us for more than our history.

Our tablecloths and napkins won’t fade or discolor. They feature exceptional stain release and very low shrinkage. That makes them remarkably durable. You’ll also find a wide array of standard colors. If you don’t see what you want and need to match a color (or create your own), we can work with you on that, too.

Add the support of our Laundry Service Team, and you have a product that’s hard to beat.

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Long-Lasting Color

Our colors are consistent and won’t fade. You’ll have the same color next year as you have this year. Our portfolio features a variety of styles in 33 standard colors — or we can make something just for you.

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At the Forefront

Signature® leads all domestic polyester table linens — a market Milliken redefined when we entered it in 1979. The laundry industry has had our commitment and support ever since.

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Made in America

Milliken has unparalleled research and development capabilities. We control the production process from start to finish — in domestic mills. We have a 150-year history of manufacturing in the U.S.A.

Care for the Environment

Our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing and divert 99% of our waste away from landfills and to places where it can be reused or recycled.

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Patented Consistency

ColorSeal®, a patented Milliken technology, ensures that Signature® colors stay consistent wash after wash. It also provides protection against bleach. ColorSeal differentiates Milliken table linens from the competition. Mike Chambers, with Alsco Atlanta, had this to say: “In our plant, we had experienced problems with shade variation on our gold napkins. Then we tried gold Signature with ColorSeal and it was a game-changer. ColorSeal has made a big impact in reducing shade variation and customer complaints.



Soft Feel, Superior Performance

SofTouch™ is an innovative Milliken process that creates a more supple texture on a variety of fabric types. What makes it special is that the superior fabric texture doesn’t interfere with its performance characteristics like colorfastness, stain resistance, or soil release. Restaurant linens look and feel great, with minimal lint.



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Fewer Stain Rejects

Milliken’s next-generation soil-release technology will decrease stain rejects, resulting in energy savings and reduced replacement costs. What’s more, the new technology is non-PFAS — so much better from a sustainability perspective, and also more effective than the PFAS chemistry it replaced.




If a napkin looks like new wash after wash, you don’t have to replace it as often. The technology in our fabrics means it takes less energy to wash them. Those are the kinds of sustainability stories we bring to the table.

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  Training, Analysis, Support: Milliken’s Laundry Service Team  

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Always the Same Color

When you order a Milliken Signature napkin or tablecloth, you’ll see rich, deep color. What you’ll see when you open a new box next month, or next year, is the same color you’re looking at today. Our colors don’t vary lot by lot. And they don’t fade day by day. Click on the video and let our Laundry Service Team run you through the whole story.



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Business is Up!

“Adding linens to bare tables was a quick fix but the biggest surprise to me has been that business has increased and the cost of the linen hasn’t affected me at all. We’ve decided to stay with linens from now on.”

Dan Riordan

Bluewater Grill, Owner


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Can I Get That at Home?

“We are in the business of creating experiences, so every step is important to us. We actually had customers asking us how they could get the stripe napkins because they were so impressed that they wanted them for home use.”

Michael Perez Indaco,

Executive Chef

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