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Milliken’s growth strategy builds on our innovative history and focuses on impacting the world in the most positive way possible. One way we do that is by identifying and acquiring industry-leading organizations that share our purpose-driven values and commitment to excellence. These companies are then incorporated into the Milliken organization, complementing the strength and stability of our 150+ year legacy and global operations with their focused expertise and proven industry performance.

Distinct in their positioning, while still undeniably Milliken, our spectrum of brands delivers high-impact solutions to our commercial partners and to the people around the world who depend on them every day.

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Since inventing the original PolarFleece® in 1981, Polartec engineers continue to advance the science of fabric by creating problem solving technologies that improve the user experience. Polartec fabrics offer a wide range of functionality, including lightweight wicking and cooling, warmth and insulation, breathable weather protection, fire resistance, and enhanced durability. Polartec products are used by performance, lifestyle, and workwear brands from around the world, the U.S. Military and allied militaries, and contract upholstery markets.

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Westex®, a Milliken brand, creates flame-resistant and arc-rated (FR/AR) textiles recognized for unmatched quality, comfort and proven performance. With a legacy dating back to 1941, our life-saving materials and technologies are the trusted last line of defense for hardworking men and women across the utility, oil and gas, electrical maintenance and metals industries.