Featured Collection Stories

Featured Collection - Merge Forward


Experience the rhythmic grace of the sun rising and setting with The Magic Hour. This collection reflects the natural beauty of our world - wood, stone and abstract patterns provide options for organic elegance, echoing the energy of a seaside vignette, quiet forest, or humming city. Tap into the restorative power of connectivity suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from commercial and hospitality to education and office spaces.

Featured Collection - Merge Forward


The concept of modern luxury is defined by experiences, not things. Luxury is achieved through an unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious design and future-driven processes. In the pursuit of crafting a resilient, PVC-Free option, we’ve created the next generational product solution: Merge Forward. All of the products in the Merge Forward collection are certified Red List Free, utilizing healthy materials to create eye-catching designs.

Featured Collection - The Space Between


Balanced delicately between commercial, residential and hospitality design, The Space Between pulls from handmade traditional printmaking techniques featuring rustic patterns and textural nuances. This collection features two new patterns, layering a time-worn aesthetic with leading-edge manufacturing technology in ways that feel at home in any environment.

Featured Collection - Six Pack


Shape, color and form come to life in exquisite designs through our featured collections. Six distinctive patterns feature rich hues and inspirational floorscapes. From precise geometric motifs to free-flowing floral themes, there is a style profile for every project.

Featured Collection - Stereovision


Construct a visual masterpiece with Stereovision. Two new patterns, Light Wave and Mainframe, bring this artistic concept to life. An abstract interpretation of stereoscopic art, this collection fuses modern design motifs with playful surrealism.

Featured Collection - Loudspeaker


The Loudspeaker PrintWorks™ collection was created to pair with selected solution dyed products. By integrating both products, you can define spaces with added design flexibility. Products in this folder are part of Powerlines and ship within 3 weeks so you get the added benefit of beauty and speed combined.

Featured Collection - Revelation


Discover time-worn luxury that engages the senses. Three patterns with 16 colors and a mix of yarns and lusters. A look inspired by antiquity with rich textures, patinas, and layered colors that reveal vibrant jewel tones.

Featured Collection - Coastline


The Coastline collection was inspired by natural transitions of land and water — ocean waves, sandy beaches, grassy marshes, and rocky cliffs. Whether you want a relaxed atmosphere or vibrant energy, these subtle gradients will allow you to create spaces that organically connect and flow.

Featured Collection - The Lowdown


Inspired by secret messages and international spies of the 1960s, The Lowdown Collection has a retro-modern look with dozens of color variations. Like any good secret agent, it's incredibly versatile and easily blends into a variety of spaces. The Lowdown has one pattern, Secret Tapes, that can take on many disguises.

Featured Collection - Comfortable Concrete


Embrace the raw, urban vibe of the concrete jungle. Choose neutrals from light to dark. Add pops of color — from mossy greens to watery blues. Comfortable Concrete offers the flexibility to create energetic spaces with a cohesive look throughout — a solid foundation to your interior design.

Featured Collection - The O Collection


The workplace changes as the world changes. Designing flexible, convertible work environments is not only smart, it's what today's workers want. The O Collection is a carpet that allows you to re-configure your floorscapes as your needs change.

Featured Collection - QuietLife LVT


With a range of inviting hues and patterns, the QuietLife collection makes crafting simple, natural, and function spaces possible. Designed with a gentle Scandinavian influence, QuietLife promotes a feeling of calmness with its aesthetics and superior acoustic performance.

Featured Collection - Grain + Bias

Grain + Bias

Grain + Bias refines practical comfort in modern workspaces while still paying homage to the nostalgic comforts we hold dear. Inspired by the handcrafted art and the beautiful imperfections of the reverse side of embroidery work. With Grain + Bias, craft efficient, professional workspaces without losing the warm securities of a more heartening frame of mind.

Featured Collection - Lumenology LVT


With anchoring neutrals, harmonizing textures, and inspiring color, Lumenology LVT allows you to reimagine how spaces are defined. Create endless expressions of color coordination with our Light Stitch, Light Wash, and Reflective pattern options to rejuvenate any space.

Featured Collection - Counterculture


A new collection that unapologetically pushes the boundaries of style and function. Counterculture offers a dynamic stance paired with wide-ranging color and pattern flexibility. Discover new depths of form and contrast by delicately flowing from one texture to the next, creating an eloquent range of movement.

Featured Collection - Major Frequency: Three


Major Frequency: Three features three patterns — Unison, Impromptu and Counterbalance. With this continuation of our popular series, you can create a dramatically different vibe with color options that range from light to dark.

Featured Collection - Laylines


Enhance floorscapes with seamless transitions to easily flow between brights and neutrals. Laylines features 6 anchoring neutrals, each with 2 bright transition options. Select your favorite bright, or to infuse even more pigment, select both bright options for a rich gradient expression.