clear polypropylene container of strawberries and blueberries, made clear with the millad nx 8000 PP clarifier

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Our clarifying agents help polypropylene producers and converters to deliver what end-consumers are looking for – ultra-clear transparency similar to glass. Designed with precision and backed by extensive research, our clarifying agents are crafted to bring unparalleled transparency to your polypropylene products. Our Millad NX PP clarifiers aren’t just an additive; they are a revolution in polypropylene clarity. Let us partner together to identify the right solution for your unique needs.


Milliken’s range of Millad NX Clarifying Additives was designed not only for aesthetics and industry-leading clarity but also to make the injection molding and blow molding processes more efficient and less expensive.



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Milliken has helped 70+ companies globally adopt UL Validated Label for energy savings.

Milliken additives help customers' products achieve environmental claim validation from UL solutions and use UL Environmental Claim Validation (EVC) Mark on their packaging.

This EVC mark communicates to consumers the product has been independently validated by a third party to perform in accordance with its environmental claims.

UL Solutions is a global independent safety science company offering expertise in certification, validation, testing, inspections, auditing, education and advisory services in a broad range of industries. 

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Millad® NX® 8000

Clarifier designed to help polypropylene producers and converters achieve unmatched transparency, while also saving energy and accelerating production in injection molding.

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Image of a plastic container, showing how Milliken clarifiers for polypropylene lead to faster production in injection molding
Plastic container showcasing the positive sustainability impact of using Milliken PP clarifier

Millad® NX® 8000 ECO

Milliken’s clarifying additive for PP constructed specifically with sustainability goals in mind. Brand owners using injection molded parts made with this clarifier can display a UL Environmental Claim Validation label on their products.


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