Our Philosophy

our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Milliken & Company’s safety and improvement journey is based on our belief that there is never only one “silver bullet” method for improving manufacturing productivity.

Even if there were a single solution, it wouldn’t be progressive or thorough enough to hold up to the changes of tomorrow. We’re dedicated to developing sustainable results, and that’s why our culture of safety and improvement has continued to develop as we grow.

Milliken & Company’s history is evidence of a journey toward continuous improvement. That’s why we’ve spent the past two decades scouring the globe to discover the best ways to work. We recognize that best practices aren’t just limited to one industry, that’s why we’ve studied them all. We’ve looked, listened, and learned; and we’ve used the knowledge we’ve gleaned to develop our own holistic approach to improve efficiency and productivity based upon lean manufacturing concepts.

At Performance Solutions by Milliken, we go beyond advancing only best practice initiatives, which often address the basic issues but fade in usefulness over time. We’ve learned this lesson the hard way. But, these experiences have taught us to believe in a more comprehensive, sustainable approach.

Operational excellence secures the present. Innovation excellence secures the future."

-Roger Milliken


Our Fundamental Beliefs

  1. A systems-based approach is always superior to an initiative-driven approach.
  2. Total engagement of the workforce is the foundation for all improvement.
  3. We teach only processes and methodologies that we have put into practice and proven internally.
  4. Clients benefit from the attention and services our practitioners have honed by being deeply involved in our own processes.
  5. Success requires a commitment from leadership and a desire to improve.


Tested Solutions

Performance Solutions by Milliken has grown from our own manufacturing practices. We’ve studied methodologies from around the world, and we’ve used that knowledge to create a real-world system that improves upon other approaches. The Milliken Performance System is an extension of the experience we have gained through years of implementing these very processes. We don’t just teach solutions; we live them.

Demonstrated Practices

Performance Solutions by Milliken recognizes that there’s no better way to learn than by doing, so we offer real-life demonstrations of our processes. “Accommodate, Educate, and Demonstrate” brings key decision makers and influencers to our Spartanburg, South Carolina headquarters for an educational three-day visit where we review the Milliken Performance System processes and explain what implementation looks like. Clients can then observe our processes in action during a private tour of a Milliken facility.

Experienced Practitioners

Performance Solutions by Milliken supports clients with highly-trained, experienced business practitioners who have learned these processes through years of successfully implementing them. Why “practitioners” instead of “consultants”? Because decades of personal experience implementing the Milliken Performance System makes our associates different from those in systems like Six Sigma and lean manufacturing. Our practitioners go beyond offering good advice–they are specialists who have studied their vocations, practiced their professions, and established working relationships with clients.



Practitioners vs Consultants

As a team, our Performance Solutions by Milliken practitioners average over 15 years of service at Milliken & Company or other outstanding manufacturing companies.

Each business practitioner on the Performance Solutions by Milliken team has spent an entire career implementing the principles of safety, operational excellence, and performance improvement, many of them working on the leadership teams of Milliken’s own manufacturing sites.

The breadth and depth of these experiences set each of our business practitioners apart from traditional firms’ consultants or typical lean manufacturing consultants.

Performance Solutions™ practitioners engage clients at the most senior corporate level down through frontline associates, assisting them with development of a systematic improvement approach and implementation of their own versions of the Milliken Performance System.

Leave consultancy in the past, and let experienced Performance Solutions by Milliken practitioners help change your entire business culture by sharing strategies that increase productivity, quality, and efficiency and generate long-term, holistic, sustainable improvement.

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