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At Milliken, we don't just make products. We build careers. Our associates embrace opportunities, foster teamwork, cultivate respect and bring their best, authentic selves to work each day. Listen as our associates share their dedication and respect in the videos below.

Embracing Opportunities

Do you want to be a leader in an organization that cares about your growth? Milliken is the place to be.

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"I was able to grow."

- Aaron

"I see so much potential."

- Betsy

"Work has to be fun."

- Calton

"No limit to what you can do."

- RJ

Fostering Teamwork

At Milliken, we don't just work… we work TOGETHER. Our teams focus on supporting each other and working safely.

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"We win together."

- Danny

"Willing to help."

- Gaige

"People really care."

- Tom

"Rewarding to teach others."

- Sammy

"Safety is important."

- Jabray

Cultivating Respect

You should work someplace where you are respected, valued, and heard…where your leaders and team members have your back.

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"You helped me grow."

- Danny

"I can be myself."

- Tabitha

"People see who I am."

- Wata

"Open to serving."

- Lakessa

"You care about people."

- Greg

"I love the respect here."

- Macoumba

Ready to shape your career at Milliken? Join us now and be part of a workplace that values growth, teamwork, and respect. Your future starts here.

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