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Non-Woven Automotive Fabric & Textiles

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Our expansive automotive portfolio is a natural expansion in the long history of Milliken invention and innovation. As one of the world’s leading automotive textile manufacturers, Milliken Textiles automotive fabrics enhance and improve performance in nearly every part of your car.

Our range of products is extensive.  You’ll undoubtedly think of obvious automotive fabrics like seating and floor mats — perhaps trunk liners. Airbags are another of the products we manufacture that probably wouldn’t surprise you. But what about wheel wells? Or underbody shields?

These nonwoven textile products use proprietary technologies which reduce moisture absorption, prevent the attachment of ice, are 50% lighter than competing products, and are also 100% recyclable.

We make sound absorption layers, deck sides, flipper panels — and we’re also a leading textile manufacturer for the tire industry. For everything automotive — turn to Milliken.

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Our proprietary fiber blends and composite layers improve aerodynamics and weigh 50% less than competing products. And from a sustainability perspective, they can help improve fuel efficiency — and are 100% recyclable.

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Having mastered sound absorption at lower frequencies, our products offer superior acoustic and NVH performance — at half the weight of conventional absorbers.

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Extensive automotive R&D has produced surface chemistries with unique interfacial chemistries and engineered matrix properties, resulting in a wide range of wear-resistant, longer lasting products.

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Milliken manufacturing processes are aimed at eliminating waste, reducing water usage, and building recyclable products. Our first recycling policy was developed 120 years ago — and our commitment to the planet is as strong as ever.

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From convertible roofs to underbody shields, from noise reduction to safety — Whenever you hit the road, Milliken goes with you.

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Milliken underbody shield: Light, rigid, and durable.

Compact nonwoven construction assures that Milliken underbody shield — weighing 35% less than competitive products — will maintain its shape for the life of the vehicle. Rigid, yet flexible, our (UBS) minimizes damage from factors like dirt, rocks, and ice, without sacrificing the flexibility required to prevent snapping or dragging at higher speeds. From a safety perspective, it meets or exceeds all OEM requirements for flame resistance. Acoustically, superior sound absorption ensures a quieter, more relaxing environment — Milliken outperforms similar products, especially at the higher frequencies caused by wind noise. And on the sustainability side, Milliken UBS is made with at least 60% recycled polyester.

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A new automotive flooring product offering superb cleanability and long life — at a noticeably lower cost.

For automotive flooring manufacturers seeking a lower-cost alternative without sacrificing performance or durability, Milliken introduces TUF PET. A nonwoven product, TUF PET provides greater abrasion resistance than tufted nylon while utilizing a minimum of 83% recycled content. TUF PET does not contain the mixture of materials that make tufted nylon more difficult to recycle. Utilizing polyester and building on the clean appearance of a nonwoven construction, TUF PET will mold with ease and eliminates the bridging/cornrows synonymous with tufted products. Performance, cleanability, easy to adopt. What’s stopping you?

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We continue to look for opportunities to increase the circularity of our products with recycled materials. Lighter-weight nonwovens reduce fuel usage and increase performance. And that’s just a part of the sustainability story.



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We offer a comprehensive range of automotive products for just about any application.


Floors / Mats

You start experiencing Milliken as soon as you step into your car. Our flooring is made from durable composites weighing 30% less than competing products. You can also expect better acoustic performance, for a quieter, more relaxing ride. Our mats exhibit superior slip resistance and are 100% recyclable.


Underbody Shields / Wheel Wells

Improved aerodynamics. Half the weight of comparable products. Rigidity with flexibility for safety and long life. Add in the fuel-efficiency benefits and the fact that our nonwoven wheel wells and UBS are 100% recyclable, and you can see why our products are used by so many automotive manufacturers.



Trunks, load floors, flipper panels, and deck sides. We can supply all of your automotive cargo needs. Our nonwovens are highly durable, easy to clean, and lightweight. And on top of that we can give you a nice range of aesthetic options, including high-temperature carving, etching, digital printing, and flat felts.



Featuring MaxLight™, our seat backs, trim, and door panels rely on a combination of proprietary fiber blends, composite layers, and tunable NVH performance. The result is range of attractive, durable products that are up to 30% lighter.


Performance Tire

It would take more than a short paragraph to go through Milliken’s large portfolio of performance tire products. Some of what we do: ready-to-use cap ply strips, tire process liners, turn-up bladder fabrics. We also customize to help manufacturers tailor the production process for more efficiency.



Milliken has been a trusted manufacturer of automotive airbags for decades. We were the first in the industry to offer water-based coatings for rollover curtain airbags, decreasing fogging and VOCs. Our current focus is reducing overall weight by requiring less coating material while maintaining overall performance. And of course, our primary driver: Safety.


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