Milliken Textiles Outfits United Kingdom Royal Marines Everest Journey


Milliken supports Everest expedition

Milliken Textiles Outfits United Kingdom Royal Marines’ Everest Journey  


In September 2022, a team of four veteran United Kingdom Royal Marines approached Milliken Textiles about their plans to hike Mount Everest Base Camp in January. The Government and Defense team jumped on the opportunity to send a care package to outfit the group in high-performing gear and keep them comfortable during the trek. 

Packed inside, each voyager found several layers of the U.S. Army Gen III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS):

1. Polartec™ Power Dry™ lightweight undershirt and pants 

2. Polartec™ Power Grid™ midweight shirt and pants

3. Polartec™ High Loft™ fleece jacket

4. TactX Ripstop insulated jacket

Each garment features unique properties that, when layered together, can help protect against extreme cold-weather conditions. The package also included beanies made from Polartec® Power Stretch Pro for added warmth. Milliken Textiles was proud to support the gentlemen on their mission and looks forward to sponsoring efforts like this in the future.

“We were delighted to support Major Ward and his colleagues on this grueling and tasking expedition with some of our latest and greatest fabric technologies. We thought a mix of Polartec and Milliken textile products would work best in these testing weather and environment conditions,” said Graham Dobson, Milliken, Government and Defense Senior Account Manager.

What’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey without video proof? We also included a GoPro so they could capture footage of their unforgettable trek.  Check out a compilation of the incredible videos below.


the mission never stops

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