Milliken Healthcare

Improving Patient Lives.

At Milliken Healthcare, we strive to make the world a better place by developing advanced products for the healthcare industry. We are committed to increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and improving cost for our customers—all as a part of the vision that drives our work: improving the lives of patients around the globe.

Each day, our community of innovators is invigorated by the challenge of finding creative ways to enhance our patients’ lives, provide superior clinical outcomes, and make the world around us easier, safer, and more sustainable. From development to delivery, we offer a wide range of medical products and materials that include cohesive bandages, compression systems, wound and burn dressings, and tapes.

AFM® Technology

Moisture management is a critical element of wound, skin, and burn care, but most of today’s solutions lack the ability to maintain optimal moisture for healing. That is why we developed Active Fluid Management® technology.

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From compression systems and medical dressings to cohesive bandages and tapes, we offer a variety of materials to help you achieve the best in patient care by complimenting your existing treatment tools and processes.

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