Responsible Manufacturing:
A Matter of Respect

At Milliken, we know that protecting our planet requires responsibility in our daily operations. Since we emerged as a manufacturer at the end of the nineteenth century, we have shown leadership in addressing production waste, investing in renewable energy, and protecting water supplies. We do this as a natural extension of our broader commitment to ethical business standards, and take full responsibility for our manufacturing practices, striving to minimize our impact on the environment.

Diverting Waste from Landfill

As a company, we have set a goal of zero waste to landfill for all mediums. For example, the Milliken Carpet Landfill Diversion Program helps customers to reuse, recycle, or convert used carpet into new energy. Also, we use reusable containers for many of our textile products, eliminating cardboard waste. Our team recycles non-woven scraps into new non-woven textiles, and we donate textile remnants to local charities for repurposing—all in an effort to build a more sustainable world.

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