Impact Resistant

Impact Resistant

Challenge the Status Quo

In the face of ever-changing dangers, ranging from threats on the battlefield to unexpected hazards on the highway, Milliken continues to innovate cutting-edge technologies and materials that enhance protection and vital performance.

Technically Advanced Airbag Fabrics

Milliken's proven legacy in developing global airbag fabrics covers more than 25 years. Our continued investment in research and development ensures that our products meet or exceed the rigorous specifications for airbag material.

Our airbag materials are designed to save lives and prevent injuries, while also reducing our environmental impact through our commitment to smarter, more sustainable manufacturing.

  • Sustainable: manufacturing processes aimed at eliminating waste, reducing water usage, and recycling materials
  • Eco-friendly: use water-based solvents in our coatings
  • Lightweight: reduced weight from our lighter proprietary coatings
  • Extensive: range of offerings utilizing different yarns and thicknesses

Materials Designed to Protect Heroes and Their Gear.

Our Rapid Prototyping Center enables us to quickly translate real-world knowledge about battlefield conditions into pioneering materials for gear extending to many areas of the battlefield.