Problem Solving Through Design: Milliken Healthcare Division

For the global healthcare industry, confronting the associated challenges arising from an aging population can seem like a daunting prospect. People are living longer—with sources showing the 75-years-and-older population in the U.S. is expected to grow by 3.9% from 2018 to 2030[1]—but they are also being diagnosed with more diseases as they age. Combining longer life and potentially more health issues with rising healthcare costs, it is expected that total personal health expenditures in the U.S. will rise in trend.[2]  

Against this backdrop comes the need for practical, yet proven, strategies to bolster patient outcomes responsibly. The healthcare industry is looking for medically effective and cost-effective solutions to address these looming challenges.  

Milliken healthcare innovations are uniquely poised to be the response. From development to delivery, our range of products include cohesive and compression bandages, skin care products, wound contact layers, foam dressings, antimicrobial dressings, burn care dressings, and hemostatic dressings. These products, which include lines like COFLEX®, COFLEX TLC®, TRITEC™, ULTRA, ASSIST, and NUSTAT™ wound dressings, draw on Milliken’s vast textile understanding and R&D capabilities to enhance patient outcomes and reduce the cost to treat challenging chronic wounds.[3]

Expanding into the healthcare industry was the result of our ability to apply Milliken learning to positively impact new situations and industries. We then work alongside clinicians and field representatives to see how we can build on our innovations to provide tailored benefits. Some examples of this can be seen in our CoFlex® TLC compression systems with visual indicators for the clinician’s ease-of-use and application, as well as our Active Fluid Management® technology that helps protect the patient’s healthy skin from maceration.  

Our call to think big helped us pinpoint this area of unmet need. Milliken’s portfolio of advanced wound care dressings, and cohesive and compression bandages was recently expanded through our acquisition of Andover Healthcare and has seen steady growth since entering the market nearly 14 years ago. This year, we formalized our commitment to the healthcare industry by creating a new Healthcare division at Milliken, with the hope that our portfolio can assist the healthcare industry in meeting the rising demands and emerging challenges they face for generations to come.    

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