KeyPlast® for Polycarbonate

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KeyPlast® for Polycarbonate


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KeyPlast dyes are formulated for use in clear polycarbonate (PC) resins , where they provide excellent clarity and the ability to withstand high processing temperatures. 

  1. Transparency to maintain high PC clarity
  2. Food contact-compliant options

Polycarbonate is a highly transparent polymer with a combination of toughness and excellent dimensional stability. It is commonly used in ballistics, automotive parts, business machines, and roofing materials. Polycarbonate can be made ignition-resistant, glass-filled, and can be alloyed with ABS, Acrylic, and Polyesters making it even more versatile.

Milliken has a range of dyes suitable for use in Polycarbonate with excellent clarity and the ability to withstand the high processing temperatures often required by this polymer. As polycarbonate often contains UV stabilizers, antioxidants, and other additives, it is strongly recommended colorants be tested thoroughly for suitability in the desired application.