Function Plus


A functional, hard backed system offering a modular solution to meet the essential needs of commercial environments

For building areas where acoustics and comfort are less important or for projects where budgets are tight, we now offer selected carpet tiles with a hard back option (Function Plus) in addition to our Comfort Lite and premium Comfort Plus cushion backed options.

Milliken’s global team of research scientists have developed a unique chemistry for Function Plus, which provides enhanced dimensional and thermal stability, even though it is over 10% lighter than other hard back carpet tiles on the market.

This means that carpet tiles with Function Plus backing are more flexible, easier to handle, easier to cut, and easier to install, saving time and money.




Function Plus has been engineered with the same proven high performance components as our Comfort Plus option. This gives the carpet tile a lower profile of approximately 6mm, which is great for areas where floorcovering height is restricted.

Function Plus comprises a filled polymer modified bitumen backing with a glass reinforcement layer and a polyester fleece layer. Together these layers provide excellent dimensional stability and enable clean and easy uplift to deliver the benefits of modular flooring.