Reporting Approach

Our commitment to a healthy future means that we report on our sustainability efforts regularly and transparently.

Driven by Insight

Our commitment to sustainability depends on listening to insights from our key stakeholders. We work with our stakeholders to determine what we report, with the intent to hold ourselves accountable and invite important dialogues within our industries. To help guide the priorities of our Sustainability Report, we engaged customers, nongovernmental organizations, and sustainability subject matter experts along with a cross-functional group of global Milliken associates to provide honest feedback on our sustainability performance, challenges, and opportunities. We engaged our stakeholders based on the following principles:

  • Increasing Innovation
  • Prioritizing Customer Focus
  • Heightening Global Understanding
  • Enhancing Transparency & Accountability
  • Engaging in Meaningful Collaborations
  • Embracing Materiality

Learn more about our stakeholder engagement principles, here.

Listening to What Is Material

We continue efforts to mitigate risks while leveraging opportunities that positively impact our business, our world, and well-being for all our stakeholders. Establishing our sustainability priorities involves a complex process with a variety of approaches: corporate introspection, analysis of environmental and social impacts, alignment with global priorities, and stakeholder engagement beyond traditional business analytics. In 2018 and 2019, we conducted a materiality assessment to help inform our sustainability strategy, to assess the changing sustainability landscape, and to understand and prioritize the issues that matter to our stakeholders. We used the materiality assessments to tailor our reporting to align with the interests and needs of our stakeholders. Milliken’s 2019 Materiality Matrix reflects the key topics and how we identified them within our three focus areas of Planet, Product, and People. Some key topics identified in the Materiality Matrix are relevant to our commitment of integrity and to “do the right thing”—and while not explicitly part of our Planet, Product, and People goals, they are part of our ethical commitments and core value of integrity.

Informed by Global Priorities

Our 2025 sustainability goals support nine of the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Together, with established global priorities, we aim to positively transform our world.

Reporting Approach at a Glance

Driven by insight, informed by global priorities

Global Reporting Initiative

Milliken’s Corporate Sustainability Report was created in accordance with the globally accepted GRI Standards: Core Option.

Please review our GRI Index here.

Third‑Party Verified

Milliken’s Corporate Sustainability Report was third‑party verified by WAP Sustainability Consulting.

Global Compact Participant

In 2019, Milliken proudly became a participant of the UN Global Compact, the largest global sustainability effort.

Learn more here.

Memberships Around the World

We proudly participate in numerous sustainability‑related memberships and associations globally.

Learn more on our memberships around the world here.

Stakeholder Engagement Principles

We engaged stakeholders to provide honest feedback on our sustainability performance, challenges, and opportunities. We engaged our stakeholders based on the following principles.

Materiality Matrix

To understand the issues that matter most to Milliken’s stakeholders, please see our 2019 Milliken Materiality Matrix.