Healthcare Products for Medical, Sport Medicine, and Animal Health

From development to delivery, we offer a wide range of products and materials for the medical industry that include skin care products, wound contact layers, foam dressings, antimicrobial dressings, burn care dressings, and hemostatic dressings. We also offer compression systems and cohesive bandages for the medical, animal health, and sports medicine industries.

ULTRA Foam Wound Dressing

Available with or without antimicrobial technology, ULTRA dressings help keep the periwound skin healthy.

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TRITEC™ Wound Contact Layer Dressings

Available with or without antimicrobial technology, TRITEC dressings minimize the risk of maceration.

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ASSIST Silver and ASSIST Silver Absorbent Burn Dressings

These dressings feature proprietary ceramic silver ion technology with a controlled release of ionic silver to inhibit a broad spectrum of infection-causing microbes.

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NUSTAT™ Topical Hemostatic Dressings

These dressings help address patient blood loss through hemostatic fiber technology that conforms to the patient.

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COFLEX® Compression Systems and Bandages

Our complete line of cohesive bandages is made with patented technology that delivers controlled, even compression to help the patient experience.

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POWERFLEX® Cohesive Bandages

Ideal for sports medicine, it provides supreme support and will not slip, slide, or migrate for all-day performance.

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PETFLEX® Cohesive Bandages

Featuring EasyTear® technology, this self-adhering bandage for animals allows for quick and easy application with no scissors.

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