Community Giving to Inspire Us All

We all have a part to play in making a positive impact for generations to come. And at Milliken, caring for our associates and caring for our communities go hand-in-hand.

Our Milliken Gives program encourages our associates to give back in ways most meaningful to them. Associates across the globe come together to find new ways to support fellow associates, give back to their communities, and leave the world a better place. 

These are a few of the stories inspiring us today as we strive for a positive impact.


In Europe, there are many ways to tackle the daily commute. For the past several years, Milliken’s U.K. and Belgium locations have offered bicycle leasing programs to associates. In addition to reducing traffic and carbon emissions, the bike-to-work program offers a healthy option for daily commute. The program has also been successful in offering a safe, socially distanced alternative to public transition. The Beech Hill and Ghent teams have more than 200 Milliken associates who’ve opted-in to making a positive impact on two wheels.


A typical lifespan of a work laptop is three years before it is collected and replaced by our Information Services team. So, where do these older laptops go? Our U.K. location got creative in their “recycling” method in past years: laptops are raffled off to associated, and the funds raised are donated to charity. With the increase in homeschooling due to COVID-19, the team decided to donate the extra laptops to school-aged children of Milliken associates. These laptops have provided the much-needed technology access to complete their remote education during the pandemic.


At the MTZ plant in Zhangjiagang, China, one of our company leaders made an incredible personal sacrifice. A line leader at the plant donated blood stem cells to help save a five-year-old boy whose health was failing. This selfless act saved the life of the child—an immediate, critical, and positive impact on this little boy, his family, and his community.


A long-standing supporter of STEM/STEAM activities, Milliken recently partnered with the Spartanburg Science Center in a new effort to spark a love of science from a formative age. The new Milliken Learning Space at the Spartanburg Science Center allowed the center to double its ability to reach children, broadening its impact within the Upstate South Carolina community. The learning space will allow for more programming for learners of all ages and will be fully utilized as we emerge from the pandemic.