Privacy Enables Sustainability

Privacy Enables Sustainability

Privacy Enables Sustainability

Responsible data use enables a more sustainable world


Nigel West knows Information Technology. And what's more, he knows that building a healthier future depends on ethics and responsibility in every aspect of the way IT is used in business. As Sr. Director of IT Operations and Security at Milliken, Nigel leads the team in making sure data security is a priority in everything the company does.

“Your privacy rights are important," said Nigel. "We apply our safety first culture to protecting your data."

At Milliken, sustainability isn’t just about the environment. Sustainability is about taking the right actions today to positively impact tomorrow.

Foundational to our sustainability goals is our focus on people. This includes our goal of zero reported data privacy breaches. We know data privacy and data integrity support our ability to deliver our products, operate our plants, and meet our sustainability commitments. Data creates an opportunity for insights and information to drive efficiency, growth, and innovation. Data also enables artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and informed decision making.

Our focus on digitalization is guided by our desire to do the right thing—period. With opportunities in data, there are risks. We know that securing data privacy and continually improving our privacy protections are simply the right thing to do. We are increasingly interconnected and want everyone, from customers to suppliers to our associates, to trust our ability to keep their data safe and secure.

Data is an asset, but it comes with a tremendous responsibility to protect and keep private the confidential data entrusted to us. The responsible and safe use of data enables a more sustainable world.


Nigel West

Nigel West, Sr. Director of IT Operations and Security