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Businesses from all across the spectrum have relied on Milliken to meet their workwear needs for decades. Our functional fabrics are durable, comfortable, and colorfast. As one of the preeminent textile manufacturers in the United States, our performance, technical, and uniform fabrics can be found just about anywhere you look. We’re in the industrial, construction, and automotive sectors. In hospitality and restaurants. In policing and security. In healthcare. And we make fabrics for outdoor apparel and sports uniforms, too. Our portfolio includes fabrics offering superior moisture-wicking and breathability, soil-release, water resistance, and UV protection. Whatever your specific requirements, Milliken can meet them.

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You Need It, We Have It

Milliken is a unique resource. Along with our wide range of natural, synthetic, and blended performance fabrics, we also share design and technical insight with manufacturers and retail partners.

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Supply Chain Efficiency

Domestic manufacturing helps us support our customers with nearshoring efforts and Western Hemisphere supply chains. Close proximity reduces transportation costs, tariff costs, and increases speed to market.

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Unmatched Capabilities
All of our manufacturing is vertically integrated. Our fabrics are made in the U.S.A. using sustainable processes. Milliken’s renowned textile research lab is one of the world’s largest.
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Partnerships Make Us Better
Milliken Textiles has long been a leader in protection, performance, and quality. Throughout our 150+ year history, we have partnered with customers to be the first in innovation and fabric technologies.


Our Largest Offering

Polyester/Cotton blends bring the advantages of both fibers — breathability, strength, wrinkle resistance, and abrasion resistance — into a single fabric. Industrial laundries see Poly/Cotton more than any other fabric, expecting a life of about 75 washes or 3 years. Given all the advantages, it’s no surprise that poly/cotton fabrics make up our widest-ranging product portfolio.

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Wide-Ranging and Versatile

Exhibiting superior abrasion resistance than even polyester, technical synthetics of various fiber combinations have always been commonly used for outdoor products like shirts, shorts, and pants. They can also be found in liners or the outer shells of jackets. More recently, we’re seen some polyester/spandex blends beginning to move from casual and lifestyle categories into workwear for added stretch.

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Long-Lasting Comfort

Synthetic-rich polos are a popular offering in industrial laundries. Knits tend to breathe better, and their natural stretch makes them very comfortable. An advantage of pique knits is that they’re more snag-resistant than other designs.

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Milliken’s long history of caring for the environment began in 1901, with our first recycling policy. It continues today and is woven into everything we do. Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and use sustainably sourced materials. Another simple way to a greener world: Use less, less often. Extend a product’s useful life and throw fewer things away. We support sustainability by making durable products.


As of January 2023, Milliken Textiles has removed all PFAS chemistries from our fibers and finishes. The benefits have been wide-ranging — our development of next-generation non-PFAS soil release technology, for example.

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Make your products better with Milliken technology.

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Our Products

There’s something in our wide range of performance fabrics to suit your needs.

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Core Uniforms

Strong, durable, and comfortable, our core uniform fabrics feature superior stain-resistance and color-preserving technologies. We provide uniforms and fabrics to a myriad of industries, including industrial, hospitality, law enforcement, schools, healthcare, waste management, government, and construction — and our laundry service team is always there to offer support


Casual Workwear Fabrics

Designed for trade professionals and businesses like construction, farm, ranch,
hospitality, and outdoor. These stylish fabrics come in a range of colors and
textures — available in multiple degrees of durability and stretch. We also provide
our customers with optional finishes for enhanced performance such as wrinkle
resistance, UV protection, cooling, and durable water repellency.

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Active Lifestyle Workwear

Designed for an active lifestyle, our performance apparel fabrics are durable, flexible, and wrinkle-resistant. Milliken technology provides superior moisture wicking, color retention, and non-PFAS soil release. Available with 15-35% stretch, you’ll find these fabrics in fishing shirts, warm-weather outdoor apparel, and team sports.

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