Mattress Components

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Mattress Components

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Mattress Components


We offer a selection of mattress components, including quilt polyester for comfort layers and fiber board.

Founded over 150 years ago, Milliken is a trusted US textile manufacturing partner with a long history, reliable supply chain, and great depth of knowledge of FR requirements. We offer customers the stability, dependability, and expertise that comes with decades of experience in the field.


  • Improved top panel aesthetics & comfort
  • Cost-effective alternative to quilt foam
  • Improved air flow over foam

Fiber Board

  • Functions as insulator pad in foundations for cushioning steel and wood touch points
  • Covers spring unit in innerspring and hybrid mattresses
  • Cost-effective alternative to foam to increase mattress thickness


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Take a look inside the mattress to see how we are improving comfort and rest

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FR Barriers

Our FR mattress barrier solutions feature inherent FR properties engineered directly into the material.