Webinar Sustainable Manufacturing Creating a Healthy Future

Sustainable Manufacturing

Creating a Healthy Future

Long before it was a buzz word in everyday consciousness, sustainability was a cornerstone of Milliken’s approach to operational excellence.

Evolving from the company’s first-ever recycling policy established in 1901, to today’s holistic view of how every associate owns the health and safety process, alongside how sustainable products can positively impact our world. Milliken has a long history of championing sustainable activities and measures by challenging what sustainability can accomplish. With Sustainability in mind, we see a healthy future.

If you’re serious about exploring how your manufacturing operations can support your sustainability goals, then this webinar is for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Responsible Manufacturing: How to set a clear direction, align your organisation and establish sustainability within your objectives and target-setting process
  • Continuous Improvement: How to instill a problem-solving confidence in every employee, and provide sacred time and space for them to innovate in their daily life
  • Sustainable Excellence: How to nurture ownership for sustainable processes, a love of standards, and a ‘zero repeat’ mindset

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