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Moving from 2020 Crisis to 2021 Opportunity

There’s no precedent for the disruption in daily life and organizations driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manufacturers are no different: millions of workers and tens of thousands of executives and managers find themselves isolated and worried as they try to protect their health and that of loved ones and colleagues — not to mention society at large. At the same time, they’re trying to remain productive for their organizations while facing revenue shortfalls and reconfigured production lines and schedules.

It’s no wonder that stress and anxiety levels can seem overwhelming

Yet there are proven ways that manufacturing leaders can reassure employees and keep productivity on track. In a new webinar — Manufacturing a New Future: Moving from 2020 Crisis to 2021 — Performance Solutions by Milliken (PSbyM) and The MPI Group (MPI) will show you how other organizations have survived during crises and thrived on new opportunities afterward by focusing on 6 Essential Crisis Strategies:

  1. Care: Do Good, Be Kind. Return to your core values and take care of the basic needs of your associates , customers, and suppliers
  2. Coach from the Back: demonstrate trust in your associates to manage their own work via their daily routines.
  3. Consolidate: Emphasize the essentials – following what we already know how to do; the defined standards for equipment, processes, and product care.
  4. Compress: Learn Fast, Solve Simply. Improve the priority areas with short bursts of meaningful, focused improvement team activity.
  5. Collaborate: Share the Load. Give your associates the chance, the tools and the time to try new things.
  6. Celebrate: Recognize Loyalty and Commitment. Over-communicate the plan, recognize effort, and reward success.

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