NX® UltraClear™

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NX® UltraClear™

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Customers can transform the milky appearance of polypropylene (PP) into glass-like transparency for packaging and storage products with these additive solutions.  

  1. High clarity and gloss
  2. Suitability for microwaveable, hot-fill and cold applications
  3. Enhanced sustainability due to ease of recycling
  4. Potential to replace costlier and denser clear materials

NX® UltraClear™ PP: give your products a clear advantage

NX UltraClear PP is the benchmark for crystal-clear polypropylene (PP). Its glass-like transparency displays food and other products to their full advantage, while its light weight makes it a cost-efficient alternative to traditional clear materials such as PET and glass. Products made from NX UltraClear PP are strong, microwaveable, easy to seal, and ideal for hot or cold food and beverages. They also offer a host of sustainability benefits that will help you to achieve your environmental targets while saving costs.


A fresh look at packaging and storage
NX UltraClear PP is revolutionizing the food packaging industry by replacing traditional plastics and driving innovative designs. It enables the creation of thinner, lighter, stronger cups, trays, clamshells and tubs, which are suitable for microwaving and hot filling.

Bottles and jars made using NX UltraClear PP feature excellent clarity and gloss. This advanced material also offers superb design flexibility, enabling the creation of lightweight bottles with integrated handles and complex, eye-catching shapes.

Impact-resistant and BPA-free, NX UltraClear PP is also ideal for storage containers and bins as well as a host of other consumer goods.




NX UltraClear PP is recyclable and its light weight means lower energy consumption, fewer emissions and reduced use of raw materials.