Milliken Viscosity Modifiers

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Milliken Viscosity Modifiers

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Milliken Viscosity Modifiers (MVM) are a solid concentrate designed for recyclers to increase the melt flow rate of pre-and post-consumer recycled polypropylene (rPP) for the extrusion and injection molding processes.

It achieves this by shortening the material’s average molecular chain length, resulting in an easier, more consistent flow while allowing for precise dosing and dust-free handling. MVM-modified recycled PP resins have improved properties for use in a wider range of applications. These rPP resins allow for lower processing temperatures, which can reduce cycle times and boost productivity.

Benefits for recycled PP

Offered in various concentrations and as free-flowing pellets, this cost-effective product is easy to feed and safe to handle. Recycled PP resins optimized with MVM enable processing at lower temperatures, which can allow converters to reduce cycle times, boost productivity and improve processability.