Liquitint™ Winter

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Liquitint™ Winter

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Liquitint™ Winter colorants add value to your de-icing products by reinforcing your brand identity and providing reliable spray indication. They are stable, compatible with liquid and solid products, and do not compromise the performance or safety of the salt formula. Liquitint™ Winter is available in a range of bright colors and shades.

Designed for Convenience

Liquitint™ Winter is supplied as a homogenous liquid and is easy to handle and disperse. Its non-staining and non-ionic characteristics make it convenient to use and easy to clean up.

Environmentally Conscious

Liquitint™ Winter colorants are not harmful to the environment when used as intended. As they are water-soluble, the color does not persist on soil or pavements. Liquitint™ Winter is not manufactured with heavy metals, which helps to protect users and their surroundings.


  1. Water solubility to avoid persistence on surfaces
  2. Ease of processing, handling, and dispersing
  3. Elimination of heavy metals for sustainability
  4. No impact on performance and safety of salt formulations