Carbon Neutral Flooring

carbon neutral flooring

M/PACT™ Making an Impact in Carbon Neutral Flooring

Climate change has placed growing, daily pressure on our planet. At Milliken, we recognize the urgency to take action. That's why within Milliken’s Floor Covering business, we’ve launched M/PACT™.  All our carpet, LVT, and entryway tiles are carbon neutral, everywhere in the world.  


Milliken Investment 

Today we invest through renewable energy credits, verified carbon offsets, and are beginning to invest in Milliken-owned renewable energy projects. We also continue to invest in more efficient manufacturing technologies and in local supply chains.

Milliken Materials

We believe material health is essential to enable circularity. The use of materials that don’t contain harmful chemicals provides a critical pathway to end-of-life product recycling. Therefore, all our WellBac™ cushion carpets are Red List Free

Focus on Dematerialization 

We continue to support the advancement of a circular economy – one that uses fewer new raw materials and creates less waste. For example, our D/LUX series carpets use less raw material, reducing embodied carbon. We will continue to challenge ourselves and our supply chains to extend innovation in new technologies for dematerialization.

Milliken Manufacturing

We leverage our global manufacturing and local supply chains to minimize carbon emissions. This includes sourcing materials locally when possible and manufacturing near customers to reduce shipping distances.

This is Only the Start

The M/PACT™ program is only a small part of Milliken’s focus on sustainability. As a global manufacturing company, we’ve set 2025 goals that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including a 25% reduction in indexed greenhouse emissions by 2025. 

Together, we can make a positive M/PACT™ on the world for generations. Learn more.