Featured Collection Stories

Featured Collection - HEAVY META


Heavy Meta collection explores the surprising transformation of metal, a vital material that shapes our modern world, into a new and unexpected expression. In two stunning curated designs of Alloy and Foundry, these patterns show a fusion of contrast and refined movement through texture and linear forms.

Featured Collection - POISE


The Poise collection captures the essence of melancholic beauty with grace and dignity. It invites us to feel the connection between humanity and nature through its gentle colours and subtle movements expressed in texture and tones. This collection showcases serenity in its purest form.

Featured Collection - WHALE SONG


Inspired by the acoustic patterns and underwater landscapes of whales. Beluga mimics the fading effect of sound waves as they travel thorugh water, creating a modern solid that softens the space and invites calm movement. Humpback reflects the diversity and balance of the aquatic terrain, mixing scale and content in the pattern.

Featured Collection - BOTANIC IMPRESSIONS


The Botanic Impressions collection is a stunning showcase of four carefully selected designs that are influenced by the amazing microscopic world of artificial botanic elements. The four designs - Arboretum, Grevillea, Heartwood, and Lenticels, have an organic aesthetic with layered textures that resemble the lavish look of nature.

Featured Collection - COLOUR CONNECT 2.0


Colour Connect 2.0 is a collection that captures the diversity and richness of sensory experiences. It offers a wide range of soft and subtle hues, and organic and structured aesthetics, that can create a harmonious and seamless flow in large spaces. Whether you want to create a calm and soothing environment or a vibrant and dynamic space, this collection can help you achieve your desired look and feel.

Featured Collection - BEYOND CHROMA


Colour is more than just a visual element in an interior space, it is a language that shapes the mood and atmosphere of our work and home environments. The Beyond Chroma collection captures the emotional impact of colour in 60 colour palettes, bringing your interiors to life with different hues and tones that stimulate personal responses.

Featured Collection - DISTINCT FORMS


Inspired by the architectural elements of the urban landscape, Distinct Forms offers a harmonious blend of textures and colours to ground your floor design. With six colours and two compatible patterns of 'Cement' and 'Construction' that can be mixed and matched, Distinct Forms creates a perfect equilibrium for any space.

Featured Collection - VELVET


Experience the ultimate softness and sophistication with our irresistible Velvet collection, featuring two stunning designs: Crushed Velvet and Velvet Stripe. This lavish and refined collection radiates a blend of timeless elegance available in 12 tonal colours from gentle neutral gradients and mélanges for those who prefer subtle and elegant aesthetics, to vivid and bold hues that create drama and flair.

Featured Collection - LUMENOLOGY


Colour, texture and pattern can transform any space into a bright and welcoming environment. That's what the Lumenology collection offers with its lively patterns and varied colours that bring light and energy to every room. Lumenology LVT lets you redefine spaces with neutrals that anchor, textures that harmonise, and colours that inspire.

Featured Collection - MAJOR FREQUENCY: ONE


Sound can stir our deepest emotions. From a single wave, it can grow and harmonise in surprising ways, creating a moving experience for each listener. Major Frequency: One, the first wave in a series of inspirations is available in two natural patterns and 17 colours.

Featured Collection - LIVE CIRCUIT


The fusing of an atom. The bright strike of lightning. The static shock in our fingertips. Earth’s energy can be felt all around us, flowing through natural forces and circulated to us in abundance. Boldly charged with power, this is Live Circuit. With two divergent patterns of Current and Surge, available in 18 hue selections ranging from subtle neutrals to vivid colours, Live Circuit embodies the uniquely electric charge of our world.

Featured Collection - FRACTALS


The Fractals collection celebrates the beauty of flaws and imperfections that emerge in new patterns and shapes. Transformation reveals a sense of originality and significance. The essence of beauty is re-imagined to create a more powerful and stunning impression. Available in two elegantly curated designs of Enlace and Entangled in seven subtle colourways that create a dynamic and fluid effect on the floor in an interior space. Tonal effects add interest and depth to the floor.

Featured Collection - MOMENTUM


Momentum is a constant force of movement that transcends time and affects both the natural and spiritual realms. The Momentum collection captures the essence of this timeless energy in a modern way – Figment reveals faint traces of imagination while Mythology evokes ancient sacred forms. Inspired by ancient spirituality, infuse your commercial spaces with the divine patterns and heavenly colours of Momentum.

Featured Collection - RIPPLE


The Ripple collection is inspired by the brackish estuary where freshwater rivers and saltwater tides converge. The design features layered textures that are enhanced by the natural light bouncing off the water surface, creating a reflective quality. The swirling motion under the water mimics the gentle movement of the ocean floor, generating variations and the "Ripple" effect. Nature-inspired colour palette, the collection consists of tonal hues of charcoals, earthy tones and water blues, with a subtle touch of white light, adding depth and tranquility.

Featured Collection - FREE FLOW


Free Flow invites you to craft dynamic and natural floorscapes with its versatile designs. Drawing from the beauty of nature, it offers a range of patterns that can be aligned in different directions, from linear to geometric to organic. Free Flow embraces the artistic potential of natural elements and transforms them into stunning floors.

Featured Collection - LIGHTBOX


They come out of the dark and glide over the surface, changing shape and colour as they reflect the light. Lightbox collection displays solid colours that fade into transparency as patterns dissolve and simple lines and clean angles combine to create complex and multi-layered shapes. The collection features various 27 accent colours that emphasise accent shades and then transition to more neutral colours and tints.

Featured Collection - MIXED FORMATIONS:
            MADE OF STONE



Natural textures for urban wellness. The Mixed Formations LVT collection is a fusion of natural surfaces from the outdoor environment. Made of Stone presents five textures, in a range of dimensional shades and a sequence of natural stone particles – Open Fragments and Close Fragments are larger Composite Stones, while Pure Slab, Fine Grain and Dust Crystals depict finer grain stones. The irregular design of the granular elements, allows the joint to be hidden, creating seamless surface environments. Create a healing environment with natural textures.

Featured Collection - MIXED FORMATIONS:
            MADE OF WOOD



A tranquil space between work and home. The Mixed Formations LVT collection blends natural elements from the outdoor environment. Made of Wood features four wood patterns that capture the aesthetic of natural geometry. Three gentle wood textures are available as coordinates, such as Soft Alignment (smooth woodgrain texture), High Alignment (a bolder woodgrain replicating the cracks and wear of wood) and Golden Oak (wood grain derived from oak trees with distinct tree rings). Made of Wood is accentuated by the Gunnison pattern that resembles the classic fishbone installation.