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Our premium nonwoven solutions are moving the transportation industry forward with elegance and ease.

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Cutting-edge technologies. Proprietary processes. Forward-thinking techniques. Everything we do gives you an edge.

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Needle Punch Process

Get more uniformity with proprietary Needle Punch configuration which guarantees repeatability

Guaranteed Shade Matching

Exact shade matching by blending 5 or more fiber types

Minimal Weight Variation

Profile Crosslapping integrated with proprietary card orientation for less side-by-side weight variation.

Improved Aesthetics

Random Velour Backed Nonwovens replicate the look and feel of tufted materials.

More Stability

Heat setting technologies provide more control and specificity

Autovation gets you there faster

Operating out of four US locations and our new site in Mexico— we put a world of efficient, high-tech resources at your disposal to deliver the highest quality automotive nonwovens. Inside our plants, you will find that our facilities are not only state-of-the-art, but yield artful results.


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