Reconciliation Through Design


Elevating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists
in the commercial interiors industry



Embracing reconciliation as a core value, Milliken’s “Reconciliation Through Design” initiative provides a platform for collaboration between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists and the commercial interiors industry. It also provides a platform for corporate Australia to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts communities through meaningful partnerships that directly benefit the artists.

Recognising the role commercial interiors can play in narratives of reconciliation, Milliken is leading the way – promoting the voices of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Arts communities through collaborative projects and shifting the conversation to incorporate the traditions and culture of indigenous design perspectives into commercial interior design. We have a rich history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and amazing talent within our community that can bring it to life in a commercial environment. In doing so, the rich heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Art and its artists are magnified on the largest canvas possible, the floor.


Driven by the same adaptability that defines the company, “Reconciliation Through Design” can offer custom pieces and unique collaborations, with projects invited to explore the richness of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture. The “Reconciliation Through Design” initiative has created an avenue for diversity and inclusivity by creating commercial carpet products that celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ experience as uniquely Australian.

Milliken has partnered with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders artists across Australia and has designed bespoke designs for specific projects based on country as well as curated two beautiful commercial carpet collections, Water Yuludarla and Sandhills, as part of our ongoing efforts to advance greater participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in mainstream commercial interiors.


The Sandhills collection includes six distinctive nature-inspired designs by textile artist, Helena Geiger, representing her symbiotic expression of her experience and connection to the Australian natural environment, visualised in the traditional textile technique of Batik.




Water Yuludarla – a six-piece compendium by Gumbaynggirr artist, Brentyn Lugan, is a collaboration with Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance and the National Aboriginal Design Agency which was inspired by the many elements of Brentyn’s original artwork, signifying a connection to both land and people of the Urunga region – past, present, and future.