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Milliken & Company’s fire-resistant fabrics deliver unparalleled protection with remarkable comfort. With our long history as a manufacturer of flame-resistant textiles, we have been a trusted resource for hundreds of fire departments and municipalities all over the United States, for more than 50 years. Our FR fabrics are designed and certified for virtually any situation, like high-risk operations such as structural firefighting and wildland fire services — or to unwind afterward in comfortable station wear. Our FR fabrics feature superior wicking and moisture management. Our textiles are highly breathable and lightweight. And the superior thermal protection provided by Milliken technologies can help decrease cardiovascular stress in both the short and long term. A product from our portfolio of FR textiles will fit your particular needs. Contact us to find out how.

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80+ Years of FR Expertise

We’ve been at the forefront of flame-resistance technology since the 1940s. Dating as far back as WWII, Milliken has been working with the U.S. military and fire departments to develop the latest in cutting-edge FR technologies.

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100+ Fabric SKUs

Our portfolio is uniquely wide-ranging. We offer a comprehensive selection of outer shell and thermal liner textiles, moisture barrier substrates, and reflective tapes. We also feature a series of market-leading finishes to enhance your protective fabrics.

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Prioritizing Health & Safety

Our portfolio is uniquely wide-ranging. We offer a comprehensive selection of outer shell and thermal liner textiles, moisture barrier substrates, and reflective tapes. We also feature a series of market-leading finishes to enhance your protective fabrics.

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Innovation Guided by Heroes

By working with multiple fire departments, real firefighters test all of our FR fabrics for at least 6 months to a year. Their feedback helps us improve our products prior to release. We’re also proud to have Bob Keys, a 31-year FDNY veteran, on our staff.

Safe, cool, and lightweight, Milliken’s protective FR fabrics will handle the harshest conditions while keeping firefighters dry and comfortable.


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Outer Shell

Milliken technology delivers high breathability and exceptional thermal protection without adding
weight. Our shells also provide unmatched color retention thanks to ColorSeal™ Technology.


Moisture Barrier

Our high-performance woven moisture barrier and reflective tape substrates provide multi-certified
protection for structural, technical rescue, and emergency services PPE.


Thermal Liner

Milliken thermal liners are highly breathable and provide superior thermal protection without adding
weight. Our technology also delivers unparalleled wickability and moisture management.


Our product portfolio is designed to handle every situation and certification.

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Milliken FR fabrics are offered in multiple weights and constructions. They are highly versatile, each one able to meet multiple
certifications. By combining fabrics, weights, coatings, and constructions from across our full product portfolio, we offer
a configuration suitable to meet every NFPA standard — 1951, 1971, 1975, 1977, or 1999. Whether your need is for structural
or wildland firefighting, Technical Rescue, or EMS, we have the solution.



For Humankind

As of 2023, Milliken has removed PFAS chemicals from our fibers and finishes portfolio. For sustainability reasons, we felt that a proactive move away from PFAS was necessary. Yes, it made economic sense — but it was the right thing to do.

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  The Heart is the Engine of the Firefighter.   

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Bob Keys
Milliken Fire Service / End-User Engagement

Bob Keys is a decorated Battalion Chief who recently completed a 31-year career with FDNY. Now he is responsible for End User Engagement for Fire Service at Milliken. He’s held many firefighting and leadership positions, including Battalion 39 Commander and Chief in Charge of the R&D Unit, where he oversaw equipment testing,
development, and certification. We’re proud to have him here.
Firehouse Coffee group shot

Luke Schneider, a retired firefighter/paramedic, and U.S. Navy veteran, founded Fire Dept. Co ee (FDC) in 2016. He teamed up with Jason Patton — still a full-time firefighter and now VP for Fire Department Co ee. Milliken’s Fire Service team got together with FDC because we thought it would be great to work together. What we didn’t expect was to use a diesel flamethrower on a sheet of TECGEN71. And post it on the Internet.





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Our Products

Whatever FR product you need, you’ll find in our portfolio. Have a look.

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Station Wear Fabrics

Milliken station wear provides the kind of comfort you want on your lunch break. It’s also NFPA® 1975 compliant and serves perfectly as an extra layer of protection underneath turnouts.

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Structural Firefighting Materials

Our structural firefighting textiles provide unparalleled protection in extreme environments. They also keep you cool, dry, and comfortable. In fact, a firefighter once told us his brand-new Milliken FR uniform felt like he’d been wearing it for weeks.

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Technical Rescue Materials

These NFPA® 1951 certified fi re-resistant fabrics are specialized for a range of situations, from MVAs to urban search and rescue missions. Our technical rescue textiles are heavy duty — but they’re lightweight, too.

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Emergency Response Service Fabrics

Cool and comfortable, our NFPA® 1999 certified emergency response fabrics allow impressive freedom of movement and maintain a professional appearance even after repeated washings.

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Wildland Services Fabric

Milliken textiles for wildland firefighters are designed to handle the most rugged and difficult conditions, delivering maximum protection with remarkable comfort. They are tested to NFPA® 1977 standards, meeting or exceeding all requirements.

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Get to Know All of Our FR Products

You find an impressive array of products in our FR portfolio. From outer shells to thermal liners, from moisture barrier substrates to market-leading finishes — you’ll find a solution with Milliken.

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