Creating a Better World

At Milliken, we are proud of our strong ethical culture and long-held commitments to sustainability, quality, and safety. We strive to create a better future by actively participating in our communities and developing a diverse and inclusive workplace. By working together to do the right thing and continually raising our own bar for excellence, we are doing our part to ensure a cleaner, more beautiful world for generations to come.

Caring for Communities

Milliken is committed to improving diversity and inclusiveness within our company and community.

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Ethical Conduct: Going Beyond Legal Requirements

Milliken’s efforts to make a valuable contribution are based on profound respect and care for each other, our customers, and the world we share.​

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Research: A Way of Life

​Milliken has always been an innovator and our commitment to research is fundamental to our business. Every year, we invest ??? in R&D.

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Responsible Manufacturing: A Matter of Respect

At Milliken, we treat our associates, our communities and our planet with dignity and respect.

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Workplace Safety: Building a Zero Injury Culture

Safety is fundamental at Milliken and defines how we approach manufacturing. ​

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Sustainability: Reducing our Global Footprint

Milliken’s long-standing commitment to R&D allows us discover solutions that are smarter and safer for the environment and the people who use them.​

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Incorporating Earth Day Initiatives into the Office Setting

Each year, Earth Day is a call to recommit ourselves to caring for the planet we call home. More than 193 countries come together on April 22 to bring awareness to and build support for environmental protection measures.

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