Shaping Milliken for a Sustainable Future

At Milliken, we take pride in our approach to the environment. We implemented our first recycling policy in 1900—this is not a bandwagon we jumped on recently. But we are now driven by a particular focus on making the world a healthier place now, and for generations to come. That special focus lead to some remarkable work around sustainability in 2019.

From recycling policies to products that help redefine the environmentally friendly mindset, our work in the sustainability space is a cornerstone on which Milliken is built. Even with this proud history, however, we recognize that we can, and should, continue to expand our impact with goals that protect, preserve, and improve our world. 

From finding efficiencies in our supply chain to contributing to our communities through volunteer hours, we are tackling our Sustainability Goals as one team.

Year one for us was about laying the groundwork, concentrating our efforts, and setting the stage for the next five years of our journey together. Our 2025 goals—covering people, product, and planet—highlight our bold commitment to evolving as a relevant sustainable enterprise.

As we enter a new year and a new decade, we are already making great strides towards accomplishing these ambitious goals through:

  • Heightened diversity and inclusion initiatives to help foster an environment where every associate can bring their authentic selves to work. We are the first manufacturing company in South Carolina to sign a pledge of inclusivity through Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, and our CEO signed a CEO Action Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Utilizing Life Cycle Analysis to help shape our new products. This technique assesses environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life, from raw material extraction through processing, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposal. In addition, our work with PureCycle Technologies has the potential to close the loop on single-life plastics to create a plastic product that can truly be used again and again.
  • Investing in new energy sources to power our plants and are using more renewable energy around the world. We are also making significant capital investments to increase operational sustainability in manufacturing, and we have aligned ourselves with world-wide sustainability initiatives by signing the U.N. Global Compact.

In much the same way we challenge the boundaries of environmental stewardship in our first 150 years, these people, product, and planet goals are shaping our future impact to fully realize Milliken’s relevancy in today’s sustainability landscape.