Educating for Global Compliance

Continued Investments in Leadership Training

Educating for Global Compliance

We provide our associates with a comprehensive online, annual compliance training program – Awareness of Compliance and Ethics or, ACE curriculum. Our global compliance education is one important way we communicate our values. Courses are assigned based on roles, geographic location, and responsibilities. Established new each year with a goal of continuous learning, our Compliance Federation designs our ACE curriculum based on risks, trends, compliance requirements and our strategy. Our Compliance Federation is our global network of compliance subject matter experts that ensure we continue to align with best practices.

Proudly, 100% of our global management associates completed our ACE curriculum in 2021, including trainings on:

  • Anti-bribery
  • Conflict of interests
  • Speaking up
  • Business ethics
  • Social media risks
  • Understanding and preventing microaggressions

Milliken University offers additional on-demand training courses as well as tailored, in person training.


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