Mechanical Rubber Goods

Mechanical Rubber Goods

Engineered Textiles: RTU and Custom


Let’s get technical for a moment. To provide the very best in reinforcements and processing aids for the rubber products industry, Milliken combines our expertise in textile surface chemistry and the physics of reinforcing dynamic elastomer systems to produce one of the most extensive product portfolios in the marketplace. Our research and development enables us to create high-performance products that increase manufacturing efficiency and deliver superior value. We offer highly specified fabrics for hoses, belts, and military equipment. We manufacture reinforcements for diaphragms, seals, bead lock, car seats and many everyday (and not-so-everyday) products. One specialized example: our textiles are used in the fuel tanks of fighter aircraft.

Mechanical Rubber Goods

Custom-engineered reinforcements for a variety of markets, with RFL treatments to promote rubber adhesion.


Hose Fabrics

Our woven or knitted hose fabrics are composed of a variety of materials. Available in strips, as well as in full width, these textiles protect or reinforce hydraulic, industrial or automotive hoses. 


Diaphragm Fabrics

Milliken’s polyester and polyamide square woven fabrics exhibit superior technical and processability performances. They are also available in in ready to use versions.


Specialty Fabrics

We manufacture engineered fabric constructions and elastomer adhesion treatments for a variety of applications, including fuel cells, wing deicers, and molded rubber products.


Fabric Finishing

Milliken offers customized Resorcinol Formaldehyde (RF), Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex (RFL), and elastomer treatments to promote rubber adhesion — with precision slitting to fit your specific application needs.


Woven and knitted hose fabrics — hydraulic, industrial, and automotive. Car seat reinforcement with ISO-compliant FR treatments. Elastomer adhesion treatments for fuel cells, wing deicers, and molded rubber products. High-performance square-woven diaphragm fabrics. If you need it, we probably make it.


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Don’t see the perfect product? No problem — invention is what we do. Contact us. The thing you need, we can probably make.

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