Hyperform® HPN® 58ei

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Hyperform® HPN® 58ei


High performance nucleating additive for polypropylene that improved optical performance, isotropic shrinkage and regrind quality of sheets and thermoformed parts.


  1. Enhanced Aesthetics:  Achieve a clean look using Milliken's performance additives, which allow converters and brand owners to customize aesthetic packaging.  Reduce haze and improve clarity, as desired for the end-use application.
  2. Productivity Boost:  Gain more consistant part quality and boost productivity due to improvised isotropic shrinkage.  Greater consistancy means fewer rejects and less waste.
  3. Confidence in Food-contact Applications:  Be confident when using our new nucleator in food-contact applications, as it has met all necessary Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.
  4. Fresher-looking parts:  Retain this fresh look for your products even when using regrind as part of your material formulation.  Our additive allows converters to improve regrind quality by reducing yellowness.