Tire and Mechanical Rubber Goods

Tire & Mechanical Rubber Goods

Improved Processes, Improved Products


Milliken has been a trusted supplier to the tire industry for decades. We provide customers with benefits that stretch from money savings and better performance to progress with sustainability. Milliken tire products help to streamline the manufacturing process — saving time and money, decreasing waste, and improving weight and rolling resistance. Plus, many of our products are delivered ready-to-use. Along with our tire portfolio, Milliken also offers an extensive range of mechanical rubber goods — custom-engineered reinforcements and ready-to-use fabrics for diaphragms, seals, belting car seats, among others.

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Our broad range of tire products include bead wrap, chafer, clipper, and flipper fabrics, process liners, and bladder fabrics. Many of our products are ready-to-use, with no calendering required, improving efficiency, reducing both inventory and waste. And Milliken uses no solvents in our tackifier chemistry, improving performance from a sustainability perspective.

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Mechanical Rubber Goods

Milliken mechanical rubber goods are used in products from seating to hose fabrics to conveyor belts. Crystalflex® fabric has been the industry standard in aircraft seating support since its debut in 1996. For applications where impact performance is required, Milliken Tegris® is a go-to choice. And sometimes, we get (way) outside of the box — like developing fabric for use in water treatment plants.


Our product portfolio is the broadest in the marketplace. We have long experience with processes and rubber stocks worldwide. Milliken supports plant locations globally with sales and technical support based in North America, Europe, and Asia.


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Don't equate ready-to-use with limitation. If one of our many existing products doesn't address your specific need, talk to us. We'll help you create the perfect solution.

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