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For more than 35 years, Milliken Table Linens has combined unparalleled textile research with a commitment to improve the laundry industry, resulting in a line of products that outperform competitors and reduce costs for our customers. We manufacture all of our fabrics in the U.S., and we won’t ship a product if it doesn’t meet our strict color standards. This allows our customers to add to their inventory over time without the worry of mismatched or faded linens.

Why Switch to Cloth?


Reduce Noise Levels

Noise is cited as a top complaint by restaurant-goers nationally—more annoying than bad service or high prices.


Improve Ambience

82% of U.S. restaurant-goers associate tables set with cloth with a better restaurant experience.


Reduce Waste

U.S. restaurant patrons use 3.4 paper napkins per meal, compared to one reusable cloth napkin. Cloth napkins = Less landfill waste!

The Milliken Advantage

Why We're Different

ColorSeal™ Technology

Unlike imports, our color remains constant wash after wash.

SofTouch® Technology

Our restaurant linens look and feel great with minimal lint.

Fewer Stains

Proprietary soil release technology means fewer stain rejects.

Laundry Service

We go the extra mile to ensure you receive quality products and quality service.

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