Our Impact


Our Impact

Sustainability is a core value 

Sustainability is the expectation not the exception, as an overarching theme across mega-trends such as climate, equity, supply chains and sustainable consumption, driven by our collective desire for a brighter future.

As a technology enabler, we collaborate with our customers and in partnerships to make materials more circular and bring more biodegradable and bio-renewable solutions to the market.




At Milliken’s Chemical business we help our customers meet today’s needs while keeping future generations in mind, by:


  1. Enabling our customers to deliver safer products as a result of our commitment to responsible product stewardship
  2. Making our customers processes more efficient, resulting in reduced energy costs and carbon emissions
  3. Developing and supporting technologies that aid in the circularity and recycling of plastics
  4. The use of responsible practices in everything from manufacturing processes to responsibly sourced raw materials

We are a proud member of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care initiative, which promotes environmental, health and safety performance, and have received a number of honors from the organization, including the Responsible Care Leadership Award. 



Our R&D focus is on creating next generation solutions intentionally designed for circularity with our product mix leading the market shift to long terms sustainability. 


Our Positive Impact on the World Around Us



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