trucks parked at a rest stop, representing the supply chain process and supply chain management


Supply Chain – the center of Excellence in world-class organizations

Speed and efficiency are no longer enough. Truly excellent companies build agility, adaptability and rigorous leadership and resource alignment into their supply chain thinking.

We partner with you to deliver step-change performance in the customer experience, portfolio optimization and P & L impact, even in uncertain times

What we have learned about Supply Chain Excellence (SCX)

The success of a Supply Chain Excellence approach lies in harmonizing the 3 spheres of People, Process and Technology. Agile and Adaptive processes are owned by a committed, well-resourced and aligned team, anticipating changing customer needs while optimizing material and information flow. Technology for loss analytics, portfolio and inventory optimization underpin the responsive decision-making culture. When each of these three elements are optimized, performance excellence results.

Our Approach to Supply Chain Excellence


Supply Chains are complex, unpredictable, and highly dynamic. In order to harness and leverage their power there are two “people” dimensions to be considered – the right team, supported by the right leadership.


The team must reflect the breadth of the supply chain with all stakeholders represented from Market Analysis and Procurement, through Operations and Planning to Logistics, Distribution, and Sales. A single agenda that unites this team is critical, as is a balanced scorecard and incentives structure to prevent sub-optimization and silo-working. The team cannot be simply involved but engaged and possessing a strong ownership for their part in the Supply Chain Excellence approach. Where there are alignment and engagement deficiencies, the team is unlikely to deliver excellence.


The role of leadership in SCX is paramount and starts with providing a clear vision, direction, and resources to the SCX journey. Secondly the team roles and accountabilities must be clearly scoped, along with data-backed priorities of the “few things done brilliantly” that will deliver business performance impact desired. Frequent and meaningful follow-up will be essential to maintain momentum, alignment, and direction. Performance Solutions by Milliken provides Leadership development support to foster high quality leadership habits and bring clarity and confidence to the SCX Team.

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Technology and Digitalization:

There is a stampede to “become digital” amongst most organizations today. There is no doubt that digitalization brings huge value to an SCX organization, in terms of market and financial analytics, prediction and planning models, rapid data transfer and communication, to name just a few. What is clear is that your critical processes have to be well-made and adopted before digitalization can deliver on its potential for your business. In addition to making that which is inefficient even more so, is that risk that you alienate and distance your employees from the data they need to make effective decisions, collaborate and solve problems together. The authority for decision-making should sit with those closest to the process so that they can make the most informed and impactful decisions.

We will help you apply the best digital solutions for your priority processes by first building in reliability and visualization to make the invisible (but important) visible and actionable. Then your digital providers will be working with high quality processes to fully leverage their impact on business performance.


What are the measures of success that we can help you excel in?

P & L optimization

Lead times optimization

Pick times reduction

Non-value-added activity reduction

Complexity reduction

Portfolio optimization

Productivity optimization

Employee engagement and ownership for problem-solving