Our Impact: Integrity is in our DNA

Sustainability is the expectation not the exception, as an overarching theme across mega-trends such as climate, equity, supply chains and sustainable consumption, driven by consumers wanting a brighter future.

As a result, our customers have set aggressive goals for minimizing their environmental impact and, as a technology enabler, we are bringing solutions to their concerns which include making materials more circular, biodegradable and bio-renewable solutions, and achieving a net zero carbon future.  




At Milliken’s Chemical Division we take this responsibility seriously, developing solutions to help our customers meet today’s needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to reach theirs. These include: 


  1. Transitioning from an extractive to a regenerative model where lasting impacts are negligible and future generations are sustained
  2. Making our customer’s product healthier by removing chemicals of concern
  3. Making our customers processes more efficient, resulting in reduced energy costs and carbon emissions
  4. The use of sustainable vendors in everything from manufacturing processes to responsibly sourced raw materials

Our R&D focus is on creating next generation additives and colorants intently designed for circularity with our product mix rapidly shifting to address more sustainability driven desires and demands from our customers.

We understand that ‘sustainability is the new currency’ and we are engaged with all stakeholders to innovate products with differentiated performance towards a secure future for people and the planet.


Milliken's 4th Annual

Sustainability Report

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